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Y/n pov

I felt like i was being suffocated , laying on this hospital bed today I knew it was the right moment to go "shawn baby i need to tell you something" i said to my husband "what is it babygirl" he asked with worry in his eye

"Shawn i have loved you from the moment we first met and that will never stop this love will never be broken shawn you and y/s/n are the only thing keeping me here when we met in kindergarding. I knew you would be mine and still after 19 years you still love me thankyou and thankyou for the joy you brought into mine and y/s/n life but shawn promise me one thing, promise me you will always look after y/s/n and always tell him im looking over him, shawn its time for me to go i love you and tell y/s/n i love him to" i looked over to shawn his eyes were streaming with tears.

"Y/n dont do this we need you we love you" i shook my head "im sorry but i need to shawn just remember when the star's are out i will be one of them and i will be shinning down on you two, goodbye shawn". I placed my hands on his face and kissed him with all the strengh i had.

And i laid my head back down and closed my eyes and with that

I was gone x


Hey guys i hope you liked it i was in tears while writing this dont worry there is a part 2 because i know this is quiet short but still hope you like it. Ly guys ~n❤💚💜💛💙💛💙💜💚

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