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"Because I've claimed you as my friend so now no one can bully you anymore—especially those twins." He said scratching the back of his neck, making his forearm bulge and the shirt to ride up slightly to reveal a six-pack of solid muscle.

I couldn't stop blushing and decided to just keep my eyes on the rising numbers of the floors until we made it up to my floor.

As we walked out Adam stepped in front of me, his eyes going from mischievous to a look I couldn't comprehend. "Do I make you nervous Sunshine?"

I quickly shook my head but he stepped closer to me, making my back go up against the now closed elevator doors, the cool metal sending shivers down my spine. "No." I gulped.

He smirked and stepped away. "Good, because this has to stay platonic."

I chuckled at that one. "Oh I see."

We walked and I led him to my room where he plopped done on my couch and took out his phone while I got ready for the dinner with his parents. Hurrying into the bathroom I put on a dark blue, flower print skirt and a long sleeve light pink shirt that matched the flowers on the bottoms.

Looking into the mirror I noticed more hair was falling out and I grew nervous when I ran my hand through my hair and a clump came with it.

Is this what my life is going to be like now?

I brushed it in a panic and saw more hair came out and that is when I really started to freak out. I felt the tears start to come out and I couldn't control the sobbing that started.

Hormones were never my thing, let alone Chemo and hair falling out on top of that.

"May? Are you okay?" Adam said while knocking on the door.


He opened the door slightly and saw me holding my hair in my hands and the tears running down my face and quickly came towards me and hugged me without hesitation.

I hugged back, dropping the clump of honey brown hair and rested my face up against his solid chest, inhaling the comforting smell he gave off.

Lemon, it was the smell of lemons and mint.

He pulled back only enough to look at me in the eyes, keeping his hands around my waist in a possessive manner as if he was marking his territory. "What's wrong Sunshine?" He asked, rubbing circles on my back.

I sniffles and answered. "Do you have a razor?"

He scrunched his eyebrows together in confusion but responded anyway. "Yea, at my house, why?"

"I guess it's times to shave my head."

"Sure, umm," He said looking around the room awkwardly. "Let's get going than."

I murmured a thank you and grabbed a beanie Betty had given me when I first arrived here and threw it into my purse for after I shave my head.

We walked in silence to his car and it felt nice to have someone who hasn't rejected me yet—almost comforting.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Adam asked as he held the electric razor above my head as we stood in his bathroom.

I nodded and he swiftly pulled the blade easily though my hair, not allowing me any protests as he got rid of all the hair that sat on top of my head. Going bald is strange, who wants to be bald at the age of seventeen? Defiantly not me. But hard times need to be met by hard measures.

He scrapped every piece off and kept making eye contact with me in the mirror to make sure I was okay. I would just smile back—this felt liberating, freeing almost.

I felt as if this was my first real fight with this cancer and that even though it had the upper hand, I still had a razor hanging over its head.

God this felt good.

The razor beeped off and I broke my self out of my daze to see that my bald head was clean and almost so clean that you could see your reflection in it.

I turned to face Adam and gave him a grateful grin. "Thank you, even though we just met I'm glad you did that for me."

I meant every single word.

"No problem Sunshine." He set the razor down and than lifted his chin to be able to see me, his perfectly sculpted chin. "Now, let's go meet my parents!"

I chuckled and he led the way out of the room in a hurry as he rushed down the stairs at the smell of his moms wonderful cooking.

Even though he took the stairs three at a time I took my time going down with my fragile state and threw the beanie over my head as I descended down.

Cross your fingers this goes well.

Cross your fingers this goes well

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