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Again the people turned from Ehyeh, the Good One, and His decrees, and became evil in their ways. Each person was a law unto himself. Chaos reigned. One small remnant, however, remained faithful, carrying Ehyeh's ways and words through the ages and to the world. They were Ehyeh's special people, the Select. Others grew envious of them and eventually, enslaved them. Even so, they remained faithful.

The Good One's heart was moved. From among those who had turned to Him, He sought people who would agree to protect the Select. He commissioned them the Oathtakers. Each chose to become a member of the group and to willingly undergo the rigorous training required. When Ehyeh called upon one to aid a member of the Select, the Oathtaker could choose to swear a voluntary life oath for the protection of that person. If he did, that Select became his charge.

When an Oathtaker completed his training, he was awarded an Oathtaker's blade, a weapon infused with magic that would exist for so long as he lived. Upon swearing an oath for the protection of one of the Select, Ehyeh granted the Oathtaker two additional weapons. The first was attendant magic—unique abilities that would assist the Oathtaker in his endeavors. Second, Ehyeh granted the Oathtaker continued youth for so long as his charge lived. A special rule applied to one whose charge was seventh-born: he would remain forever youthful.

Upon the death of his charge, an Oathtaker could begin his life anew, but in the meantime he could not bind himself to another. An Oathtaker could not have divided loyalties; he could not be unequally yoked.

With the assistance of their Oathtakers, the Select gained their freedom. Then together, they moved to the lands known as Oosa, where they built a strong, free and thriving nation.

But once again, the times have changed . . .

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Oathtaker is an award-winner in the 2014 Readers' Favorite International Book Award contest. A completed work, it is currently available in print form at CreateSpace at, in print and for your Kindle on Amazon (see the link to your right) and from Barnes and Noble for your Nook.

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