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“You've been quiet all night

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“You've been quiet all night.” Hannah said pulling Iris out of her brooding thoughts.

“Sorry, I know I'm not good company tonight.”

They were at the town dance that was put on as a fundraiser by the local high school to help their football team raise money for new sports equipment.

“It must be something in the darn town water. For the past week Ethan has been walking around the house like a kid who got told Christmas was cancelled.”

“Really, did he say what's wrong?” Iris asked without looking at her friend.

“Not really. Just something about women being complicated and I shouldn't expect grandchildren any time soon. I didn't even know he was seeing anyone.”

Iris sputtered and started coughing.

“You alright?” asked Hannah

“Yes I'm alright. Just drank too fast.”

“Him and Emily seem to be getting along tonight. They've been dancing all night long.”

Iris didn't bother to look, she had noticed him with the young woman the minute she walked in. She felt his eyes on her a few times but she didn't look his way for fear of him seeing the jealousy in her eyes.

“Mhmm.” was all Iris could manage to respond.

“Are you sure you're alright?”

“I'm beginning to feel a little light headed. I think I'm going to call it a night. I'm sorry Hannah.”

“Don't be sweetheart. Feel better soon alright.”

Iris spared a look at Ethan and cringed when she saw Emily throw her head back and laughed at something he said. She envied the young woman in that minute but at the same time she knew the right thing to do was to let him go.

She would only hold him back with her fear and insecurities while someone closer to his age could give him a less stressful and carefree life.

He caught her gaze and she smiled sadly at him before leaving.


Two days, two more days passed of her not seeing him and she was missing him something terrible at this point. She went through her days just dragging along. Each time the bell over the shop door sounded she hoped it would be him but was always disappointed when it wasn't.

She knew it was her move. She had called pause and drawn a line and she needed to be the one to make things right. She waited until Hannah left for her weekly grocery shopping before closing the shop and going next-door. She took a deep breath before she knocked and waited.

Ethan answered, bare chested and wearing dark blue Jeans pants.

“Hey, is everything alright?” he asked

She smiled, of course he would immediately start thinking about her well being.

“Yes everything is fine. I just wanted to see you. I miss you.” she admitted.

“I see.”

He moved away from the doorway and waved for her to come in.

“I'm having some peach juice and a fruit salad. Would you like some?”

“No thank you. I kind of just hoped we could talk.” she told him.


“I'm sorry about what happened, what I said.  I don't ever want you to feel like you're not enough. You're more than enough. You're a great man and I'm lucky to have met you, to have you care about me. I don't like to be the topic of conversation in this town which is why I got nervous about you, about us. I don't want to live in fear though and I don't want to keep wondering what if I had just taken the chance, what if I didn't get involved with you at all...it's been almost two months of having you in my life Ethan and you've made such a great impact. If you can do that in two months, I'd be a fool to pass up on having you for as long as this thing between us can last.”

She took a deep breath and looked at him, she waited for him to say something while he stood starting at her.

“So if I want to take you on a date?” he asked

“I... I'll say yes.”

“And if we're on said date and I want to hold your hand, even kiss you?”

“I'll return the gesture.”

With each word he spoke Iris watched him walk towards her.

“And when people start talking about us?” he asked

“I'll ignore them.”

“And if my mother makes you choose?”

“Let's hope it doesn't come to that.”

“But if it does?”

“I'll try to make her see reason.”

He nodded at her “ fair enough.” he reached for her spaghetti straps.

“And if I want to make love to you right now?”

“I'd say yes please.”

They wasted no time in stripping each other. Their lips touch every inch of skin they could possibly reach. Iris felt like all woman when Ethan moaned a deep sound of satisfaction as she pleasured him. When he couldn't hold back any longer he pulled her up and across the kitchen counter where he joined their bodies.

Iris kissed at the sweat that beaded his brows as he took his fill of pleasure in equal amount as he gave. She held his face as she felt the pleasure build in her belly. Every emotion they were feeling was on full display in their eyes. Ethan lost control and sent her screaming just as the kitchen door burst open to reveal a startled Hannah.

“Oh my God.”

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