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The day started like every other day for Iris  Clark

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The day started like every other day for Iris  Clark. Yet it was a day that was about to change her entire life.

Iris is a single mother to a little girl named Amy.  Everyone called the young child cake because she was known to have a sweet tooth, she is also such a sweetheart. They live in the countryside in a small town called, Farmville.

Not much happened in Farmville. Everyone knew each other because everyone went to the same high school and there were two churches in the small town so you either went to one or the other.

Iris waved to her young daughter as the old country school bus pulled away from the curb, then turned and walked over to her neighbor who was standing by the fence with a face splitting grin on her face.

“Good morning Hannah. My aren't you looking happy this morning.” Irish greeted her friend.

Hannah was the exception to the town folks. She moved to town two years ago which was still a mystery to everyone but Iris. The two had quickly became friends because they shared the roll of odd ones out in the small town.

People in Farmville didn't take too kindly to newcomers or unholy fornicators as the older women loved to call Irish. Iris had gotten pregnant by none other than the pastor's son seven years ago. He was smart enough to leave town when she decided she wanted to keep her baby. Irish on the other hand had no choice but to stick around and take care of her grandmother who was sick at the time but died the year Amy turned three.

“Ethan is due for his summer visit today.” Hannah replied in a chirpy tone.

“How could I forget. You've been reminding me everyday the past week. Even Amy is excited to finally meet him.” Iris told her friend.

“Oh I can't help it. I haven't seen my baby boy for two years now. You know he refused to pick sides after the divorce so he practically lived on campus the past two years.”

“I know.” Iris replied then quickly changed the subject before her friend could start thinking too much about her past.” What time is he supposed to get here?”

“By noon is what he told me. I'm about to put some beef on so I can make his favorite stew dinner. Which reminds me, I want you and Amy to come to dinner tonight.”

“We can't do that Hannah. This is your time to catch up with your boy. We couldn't possibly intrude.”

“You're practically the only family I have Iris. Please, I want you to meet him.”

Irish smiled and shook her head at her friend's pitiful attempt at a puppy dog face. Nonetheless she found herself saying yes.

“I'll even make my famous peach cobbler and bring over. What time should we come over?” Iris replied

“Six thirty should be good.”

“I'll see you then.”

Irish spent the day in her garden shop. Business wasn't as busy as she would have liked but what the money from the shop didn't cover she made up buy selling her pastries to the local shops. Working in the only flower shop in such a small town had her learning information that she didn't necessarily want to know.

Like at the moment she was ringing up a order for one of the town doctors to be delivered to a woman who was not his wife. It was all good the first time he did it, but then the orders kept on coming in and the notes attached got even more mysterious. Still she kept her face straight as she handed over his change and promised to have the flowers delivered by noon.

True to her words she handed the bouquet of long stemmed red roses over to the beautiful blond woman by quarter to twelve. As the the other woman accepted the roses she turned her nose up at Iris as though she dared her to say something negative. Iris was tempted to tell her that she really didn't care because their infidelity was paying her bills. She swallowed her words though because no matter what she would never support cheating.

As she pulled her old beat up green beetle into her driveway she noticed a sleek red convertible parked in Hannah's driveway. Ethan had finally arrived.

Iris smiled as she imagined the goofy grin on her friend's face. She quickly got started on her peach cobbler and went back to her shop for the rest of the day until Amy got home.

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