c. five

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Sitting at the table, my forehead rested on it while I bounced my new ball under the table. It was silent in the room, my ball bouncing only being heard. Veronica was scrolling on her phone.

She called me to come help her with posters and banners to promote the 'savour of Pop's', but in the past fifteen minutes all we've done is sit in silence. She had an unsure look while she kept swiping on her phone.

I was going to say what was the point of me coming, when I was beat by the door opening and Jug walking in. He had his hands in front of me as he spoke. "I don't have red hair and broad shoulders. Or a blonde ponytail, for that matter."

Smiling at me, we fist pumped across the table before he picked up a cupcake from the container on the table. "Do you wanna talk?" He asked, mainly to Veronica, while he ate on the stool.

Vee put her phone down and crossed her arms, in deep thought about what Jughead asked. "You were ready to walk away from your dad. And now you're crusading for his freedom." She pauses for a second before continuing, her head slightly shaking. "What changed?"

Now it was Jughead who was quiet, pulling the wrapper further down of his chocolate cupcake. He shrugged his shoulders at her. "He did. He made an effort. Took another swing at being a good dad." He said it with a small tone of sarcasm, the way he always spoke when saying something.

Veronica nodded her head and looked at me for a brief moment, then back at Jughead. Her face showed she wasn't so sure about her next few words. "Don't you think, some people can't change. Like it's just in their DNA to be bad?"

Looking up at Jughead, I waited for him to answer. He looked at me then Vee with a saddened face. "I'm not gonna presume to know what lies in your father's heart. But Archie's dad almost died, and my dad is going away for twenty years." When he said the last comment, Veronica face and body shifted.

"If there's even a 0.0001 percent chance that your dad is trying-" Jughead kept saying, but Veronica cut him off, saying she got what he was saying before thanking him.

It was silent again before Jughead started asking me questions to the English assignment that was due tomorrow. "Wait, we had an assignment?! Can you send it to me?"


"Where the f*ck have you been hiding, Eyebrows?" Sweet Pea yells out to me as I walk into the Whyte Worm. Smirking while shrugging my shoulders, I gave hugs to him and Fangs at the pool table.

Noticing Toni's absence, the boys told me she was giving one of the other teenage serpents a 'bj' in the bathroom. Cringing at the thought of it, I sat at one of the seats while I watched Sweet Pea and Fangs take shots on the pool table. "You guys going to retro night?" I asked them.

"I am" Toni said, appearing from beside me. Jumping at her voice I gave her smile, declining her hug. "B*tch I ain't hugging you after you've been doing the nasty in there!" I sassed, pointing to the bathroom she came out of. She smirked and shrugged her shoulders.

"If you go, I will" Sweet Pea smiled from under the light before walking over and wrapping an arm around my shoulders. Toni smirked next to me while Fangs said he'll come.

Nodding my head, me and Toni had a few shots from the bar before going outside, where we smoked a few cigarettes and joints with other teenage serpents.

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