Chapter 6

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Hunters pov"Please

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Hunters pov
"Please....I have always been a rebel" she giggles and we link our arms walking to our first class.

"Mrs Jones care to explain what this formula is?" Mrs fanny asks interrupting my texting session with Sweet pea "um no" she growls "you don't have a choice" I chuckle and put my feet on my desk "you mean I don't give a fuck" the class laughs as I sass back to the teacher.

"Go to Mr Weatherbees office" she demands pointing to the door, i stand up slinging my bag over my shoulder "gladly"

"Ah...Mrs Jones what can i do for you?" Mr Weatherbee asks as I sit down "I talked back to the teacher" I say honestly shrugging "This is the 3rd time" I scoff and roll my eyes "sorry I'm going through some problems at home and I'm acting up" I yell at him clenching my fists "please calm down"

I run my hand through my hair angrily before slouching back in the chair "I know, your in some deep water right now so I'll let this pass ok?" I smirk "Yes mr Weatherbee...thank you" i stand up and grab my bag before walking out back to my class.

"Ah Mrs Jones back already?" Mrs fanny asks with a smirk resting upon her face i chuckle "Was I missed?" I put a hand over my heart acting loved "YES!" A random kid from the back yells and I bow.

I giggle before sitting down and putting my feet on the desk "carry on"

End of class

"Damn Hunter what was that about?" Cheryl asks leaning against the lockers as I grab my books out "she was a bitch" Cheryl tucks a piece of hair behind her ear " are crazy and that's a lot coming from me" she states I giggle and smile "thank you!"

I slammed my locker before walking down the hall with Cheryl.

Skip to the end of school

I scream into my pillow as i lay on my bed bored "what do I do now?" I wander out loud staring at the ceiling "Me" i sit up and see sweet pea standing there his arms crossed i smirk beckoning for him to join me, he walks over and I bite my lip "how do you look so hot?" "It's natural"

A small squeal escapes my lips as he slides his hands under my ass and lifts me up so my legs are around his waist "are you taking charge sweets?" I whisper in his ear biting his lobe he grunts and plants his lips on top of mine he lays me on my bed again before getting on top of me.

His hands rest beside my head as we look at eachother before reconnecting our lips, i arch my back as his hand slips into my underwater "Damn mami you get wet for me don't you" I bite my lip holding back a moan "Sweetpea" he inserts a finger before thrusting it in and out.

I cover my moans by kissing him, I lick his bottom lip begging for entrance which he gladly accepts.

"Hunter?" Jughead voice is heard from above me I look up and see jughead face on mine I scream sitting up sweat beads across my forehead. I take deep breaths.

What are you doing to me sweets?

I know there's a lot of smut but I just love their relationship so I'm really sorry!😚😢😏🤣😊

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