Christina couldn't wrap her head around the fact that guardians existed. Since Annabeth's shocking revelation, Christina couldn't concentrate on anything; work was no distraction from her reeling mind. All she could think about was the fact that someone was out to kill her and her friends...

Tiffany was sent home early with instructions to phone the café once she arrived home safely. Justin never returned from his sudden departure that morning. It was just Christina and Eric until a couple of hours ago when Eric had to leave with Annabeth for one reason or another.

Christina felt a chill. The café was always so cold at this time of year even with the heating on. The door hadn't opened for over an hour. The last customer was served just after three o'clock; most of the people that came in only wanted a first-person account of the dreadful events that rocked the town.

Considering Halloween was just around the corner, the street outside had darkened with the early hour. The mop in Christina's hand felt attached to her palm; it was the second time she had mopped that afternoon. Christina exhaled loudly. I am so bored, she thought.

After finishing the mopping, the clock slowly ticked by. Christina double-checked the note Eric left for her telling her what she should do when it came to closing time. He didn't want the café closed until five. Before everything happened, the café used to stay open until ten. Not very many people would want to go to "murder central" as some customers put it that day, especially not in the dark. Still, there was nobody around and Christina was starting to get very impatient.

Just as she thought of closing shop, a customer walked into the café.

"Mind you don't slip on the floor, it's awfully wet," Christina warned the customer as she rushed to the end of the counter to get behind it. Christina hadn't paid any attention to who the customer was when they walked in so it was a nice surprise for Christina to see a familiar face.

"That's alright," the tall, handsome boy said in a cheery voice, "it wouldn't have been the first time for me to slip and almost break my neck in here."

Christina laughed. The boy was around Christina's age, if not a little older. She remembered his name as Logan Fabray and that he worked in the ship restaurant on the quayside. Christina noticed Logan's dimples as he laughed at his own story and the blueness of his eyes as he squinted. Christina used to be absolutely smitten by him – until she learned he was gay. Justin always had the biggest crush on him. It was Justin's fault Logan slipped that one time when Justin forgot to put the wet floor sign out.

"It is so good to see you today," Christina beamed, wanting to give Logan a suffocating squeeze to show her appreciation. "All I have had today are nosy customers just itching for a new story."

"Starting to get bored of the old one?" Logan asked with a sad smile, knowing too well that no matter how devastating an event was, the residents of Lakefield View would talk about it then move on when it started to become 'old' news. Christina realised Logan went through the same thing himself when he came out. He had been dating the Mayor's daughter and they announced an engagement. Shortly after, Logan revealed he was gay and was kicked to the curb and slammed by the residents. Even today he would still get judgmental glances from people of all types.

"I want them to stop talking about me and my friends and they do seem like they're getting bored of talking about it, but that means they want something else to happen. They probably want something even worse to happen just so they have something to talk about," Christina sighed and let out her frustration by speaking. She wanted to grab the coffee pot and smash it over somebody's head (not Logan's, she reassured herself) just to release the tension. Fear and tension were going to be the death of her, if her pursuers don't get to her first.

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