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It feels like your in a state,

With a strange feeling,

To kill someone.

You feel like you're going to lose it,

Then the bullies return,

With guns in their hands,

About to get their revenge from you.

After you nearly burned to death,

You wake at the hospital as your family watch you.

Your mom screams from the looks of your face.

Your brother and dad give you a stern look.

You look in the mirror, looking at your face.

Pale skin, pitch-black hair.

You were frightened,

But you feel evil.

Like you aren't who you were.

You laugh hysterically,

Like a madman.

Back at home, you carve your mouth with a knife...

But it hurts when you smile,

But now you can smile forever.

Your mom nearly wakes up your dad to call the police,

You kill your mother and father,

Because they lied to you.

About your beautiful face.

Your brother wakes up,

But then you kill him,

And tell him...


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