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6. Red room

The legend of the red room comes from an interactive flash video. In it, a boy hears about an Internet pop-up ad that asks, “Do you like—?” His friend tells him anyone who gets the pop-up dies. The boy doesn’t believe him, so he goes home and searches the internet for more information. He can’t find any mention of the pop-up, so he figures his friend was just trying to scare him.

He closes out all his searches and reads some of his favorite websites instead. A little while later, he gets a pop-up. It’s red with black text. “Do you like—?” it reads. A child’s voice repeats the question. He tries to close the window, but it reappears. He keeps clicking and clicking, closing and closing, but it keeps coming back. The text changes. It reads, “Do you like red?” The voice echoes the change. Now he’s frantic, trying desperately to close the pop-up. Finally, the voice asks, “Do you like the red room?”
A new website appears. It’s red with black text, just like the pop-up. It’s got a list of names on it; his friend’s is at the bottom. Hands reach out towards the boy’s neck. The video then cuts to a scene at school, where multiple children are talking about two boys who committed suicide, painting their walls red with their own blood before dying. There’s a surprise at the end of the video, but I won’t spoil it for you. Go ahead. See for yourself if this legend is real.


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