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"uhh—yeah",he chuckled a bit. Looks like he is really enjoying himself out there. 

"Hey, have you met anyone interesting?", I asked nonchalantly. I wasn't really expecting an answer from him. All through these years, P' Phun never mentioned anyone special to us, even to me. It' s like he had closed himself from the rest of the world. Dad and Mom tried several times to get to meet other people but it only made him stay farther away from us.. He drowned himself in his studies and then in his works. Even though none of them mention it in front of me, P'Phun's relationship with my parents weren't as warm as before. Every time I think of it, I can't help but be sad.

"Ahmm....Pang", I was taken a bit by the hesitation in his voice. Could it be???


"uhmm. You think....I mean...",I heard him take a deep sigh over the line. "Do you think....he's still know somewhere.???Do you think it's possible know..just a slightest chance of him..still alive", the heaviness of his voice tells me the emotional turmoil he is in right now.

"P'Phun", my heart sanked at his words. I wanted to fly to where he is right now and hug him real tight. My brother had suffered enough... he is kindest person I've known..he doesn't deserve all these..he doesn't...

"P, it's more than a decade." I heard him stifle his cry. I love my brother but I can't stand hearing him like this." If by some miracle, he did survive, shouldn't he be here already??".

P' Phun was silent. I know my words will hurt him. But no matter how painful it is, I want him to face the truth..he cannot live in the past.. I won't allow him.

He sighed after a long silence. "You're right Pang..I'm sorry".

"No,P' don't be sorry. I know it's been hard for you. I knew how much you love him, and how much he loved you too. I'm your number fan remember."

"I know.."

Another long silence came in between.

"Hey P', so how long are you planning to stay there?", I asked hoping this could stray us away from this heavy conversation.

" er--Today's the last day of the mission but I'm planning to help out in the school probably three to five days more".

"seems like someone's enjoying their trip", I teased him.

"Yeahh..You and Nong Pop should check out this place. It's really wonderful. I'm now actually in a settlement some old tribe thing..they are really great people. very warm and friendly".

"Why don't you send some pics. I want to have a peak at that place you bragged so much"

"ok sure..well..i'm actually on top of a big rock right now..Signals a bit bad here. Yoru showed me this place. It is breathtaking..I'll send you this view too"

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