Chapter 8

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I sit on the sofa, curled up in a blanket continuously wiping my eyes so my daughters don't see their father crying.

Vic walks his parents to their car and everyone else decides to give us some space.

"Daddy," Lisa says.

I snap my head towards her. She's standing in front of me, holding a steaming mug.

"I made you some hot cocoa." she says.

"Thanks, Lees." I smile weakly, taking the mug from her.

She goes to leave but I take her hand, stopping her.

"Can I talk to you for a second?" I ask her.

She looks nervous but sits down next to me. I drink some cocoa and place the mug on the coffee table. I take her hand and hold it.

"It makes sense that Junior called your sister, your dad and I those awful things but do you have any idea why he called you what he did?" I ask her.

She swallows nervously and I give her hand a little squeeze.

"Just tell me the truth, Honey." I plead.

She wipes her eyes and looks down at her hands.

"I can't." she chokes.

Vic walks in and gives me a confused but worried look. I gesture for him to come over so he does, sitting next to Lisa.

"You can tell us anything." I remind her.

"I dated Toby." she blurts out.

"You dated that asshole? When? For how long?" Vic snaps.

She starts crying so Vic wraps his arms around her.

"Did he hurt you?" he asks. "If he hurt you, I'm going to kill him."

I rub her shoulder softly, hoping to comfort her.

"Sweetie, just take your time." I whisper and she nods.

"We dated last semester for about a month. He seemed sweet and my friends were pressuring me so I agreed." she explains.

"Darling, what happened?" Vic urges.

"He wanted to have sex but I didn't want that. We were just hanging out one day and he tried to, uh, he." she stops. "I pushed him off me and broke up with him immediately. But then he told his friends that I blew him in the janitor's closet at school. I didn't. I never did anything with him. I wasn't ready. But word got around the whole school and now everyone calls me a slut."

My stomach churns at the word. That's what everyone called me after Matty raped me. I know how hurtful that word is.

"Why didn't you tell us?" I ask moving closer and hugging her too.

"You were stressed. I could see it. I didn't want to add to that." she sniffs.

"I'm going to kill that kid." Vic spits.

"No, Papa. Don't. He's not worth it. I'm just worried about Junior. Toby and his friends aren't good people. I think Junior is so happy to have friends that he doesn't care who they are or what influence they have on him." she sniffs.

"We'll have a talk to him when he gets home. Does he know what these kids have done to you?" Vic asks.

"No, he just believes what they said. My friends don't even really believe that I didn't do it. The only person who believes me is Chrissy." she explains.

"Chrissy knows?" I screech. "She knows and she kept this from us?"

"Daddy, I told her not to tell. It's not her fault." Lisa says.

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