Chapter 1

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So, it's been a month since I've finished my first book (Which can be found here and I know I promised a second that you're all so excited for. This is a sneak peek chapter, don't know when more is coming but I wanted to let you guys get a feel for what you might expect with this sequel. Stay tuned for more!

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Tara looked around her at the crumbling city. It pained her to see her home in such a state, destined to never recover. Buildings had been destroyed in the initial battle of the outbreak, others collapsed or burned in the series of wicked earth quakes and fires that had followed.

She and her people were scavengers, they combed abandoned buildings for food and supplies, careful not to disturb the beasts that slept in various dens around the city. They hadn't seen the sun in months, so growing food was almost impossible, they were living off of the dwindling supply of canned goods and dried rations they could find in people's homes and stores. Things left behind during the mass evacuations of large cities and dense populations around the world.

They turned down streets they'd walked hundreds of times in the past but couldn't recognize. Each building - or hit - they entered they did so cautiously. There was no way to tell if a new hit was either; structurally unsound, home to a vicious beast that could tear the team apart in seconds, or both.

She led one of two teams of three which made regular visits to the city to collect food for a group of survivors. There were twelve of them in total and keeping them fed and healthy was a difficult job.

As they approached the door of a new hit, Tara edged it open and took a deep breath in through her nose. The smell of death was always the first tip off that the hit wasn't safe. Beasts were vulnerable when they slept, so they always had dozens of zombies with them just circling around their unconscious body, stumbling into one another and protecting their leader from potential attackers.

Tara nodded to her companions and Logan ducked in through the door first, staying close to the wall and stopping under the door frame that led to the living room. He glanced around the dimly lit room and sniffed the air, then turned to nod to Selena.

Selena slipped into the main hall, also staying close to the wall. She stopped in the doorframe of the next room and scanned the area. She turned her head towards the basement stairs and quickly lifted her hand to her nose.

"Hey, what's going on here?"

Tara tore her attention from her team and turned to look at the person who had spoken. "Bill, what are you doing here?" She asked.

"What do you mean? This is part of our range today, you were supposed to hit the south east sector," Bill said.

"Guys," Selena whispered down the hall, moving to get out of the house.

"No, you were doing the south east today, I had south!"

"Guys!" Selena said a little louder, moving more quickly now, less carefully. "There's one-!" Her words were cut off by a scream as she took the wrong step. Her weight was all that was needed to break a failing beam and the floor beneath her collapsed, as well as part of a wall. She fell into the dark basement and Logan lost his footing, sliding down the now slanted hardwood floor.

"Crap," Tara huffed at Bill and leapt into the air as she heard an ear piercing scream. "Double crap!" Her eyes grew wide as she turned to look at Logan who struggled not to fall into the den beneath him.

"Tara! Help me!" Logan called out as dozens of angry moans came up through the hole to the basement. They were turning into a frenzied screaming and grunting as the beast screamed again. Tara had to put her hands to her ears, this one was a loud one, louder than she thought she'd ever heard. "Tara! Please!"