Part 33

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Using his spear as a staff Gagran blocked Kendra's slash but now found that his staff was weakened. Jumping back slightly Gagran withdrew his short sword and blocked another blow by Kendra. Now Gagran's short sword was nearly as long as Kendra's double handed blade and with his longer arms he had a better reach. Kendra was skilful, blocking and parrying each thrust and slash of Gagran's. From the corner of his eye Kendra saw one of the other giants raise a spear to throw at him. Concentrating Kendra disappeared from a fatal blow by Gagran and appeared directly under the giant with a spear. "You have no honour," sighed Baran's champion as he gutted the giant.

Gagran was confused by Kendra's disappearance and started to look around.

Enoch felt confident enough to use his sling from the roof of a house.

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