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The group of soldiers had dispersed, only leaving 3 or 4 people guarding her. I tilted my wings and landed on the ground with a loud thump. The group stepped back glancing at me nervously. I placed Artemis on my back once more before turning to face them. The woman in the dress, Nasuada, gulped  and stepped forwards. She was obviously dreading this.

Hello, I say peering down at her. My name is Evarìna, I apologize for my reaction earlier and for attacking your people. Eragon did not explain that you would be visiting and having a group of soldiers approach you in your sleep is a bit unnerving. She nods as Murtagh and Thorn leave the clearing. Eragon remains, I don't think he trust me to not leave.

"I understand, my name is Nasuada. I am the new queen of Alagaesia. Eragon told me about you, but did not explain," she said. I sighed, I did not want to explain this again. I laid down, this was going to take a while. When I laid down I felt Artemis run down my leg and saw her go back into the forest. I didn't pay much attention, I knew she would be back.

Ok I'll tell you. I was 2 years old when Galbatorix attacked the riders. Me and my rider, Kinara.......we fought together. I had to stop myself, I was devastated by my riders death, but I needed to get through this. I sighed and continued. We fought, but she was badly injured, crushed by part of one of the buildings. I tried to save her, but I was too late. I whimpered covered my face in my talons. I couldn't do this but I had to. I felt a warm body lay next to me. Saphira had laid next to me, I sent her a grateful look and turned back to Nasuada. Just after she died Galbatorix found me, he cast a spell that rendered me motionless. His dragon carried me back to here. There is a hallway in that cliff where he kept me. He cast a spell on me that stopped my growth, then chained my wings and legs. Every week he would come in and try to get me to join his side. When I refused he lashed out and assaulted my mind. After awhile me refusing him started to annoy him, he didn't just attack my mind. He tried withholding water and food. I kept refusing and he resorted to physical torture. He only stopped a few months ago. I've been wondering why, but I suppose it's because of Eragon. Once Galbatorix was killed the spell that made my chains was unbreakable was gone. I managed to break the chains and get out and well here we are, I finished. Nasuada gaped at me for a moment before sobering up. She nodded and said she need to tell her council. After she left I laid my head down and sighed.

Are you ok? Saphira asked. Her tail pressed against mine in a comforting gesture. I slowly shook my head. No I wasn't ok, I wasn't ever going to be ok. Kinara's death was sudden and painful. The last thing I did was pull my mind away from her. I should have spent those last moments embracing her mind, but I didn't. I regretted it everyday. Me and Saphira laid there for a considerable amount of time before I had mentally recovered. I stood up and shook my head. I turned to Eragon who had been leaning against Saphira the whole time.

Did anyone survive the fall of the riders? I asked him. He got a sad look on his face and shook his head. A wave of sadness engulfed me. We were the last of our kind, just me, Saphira, and Thorn. But then Eragon spoke up.

"At first a rider named Oromis and his dragon Glaedr lived but they were killed by Murtagh and thorn who were being controlled by Galbatorix. The only this that remains is Glaedr's heart of hearts," Eragon explained. I stared at him in shock. Me and Kinara were trained by Oromis and Glaedr before the battle. We were seen as strange by the other riders because we did not believe we were better than the humans or elves that did not have dragons. Glaedr and Oromis were the only ones that accepted us.

Where is Glaedr? I asked him. Can I speak with him? Eragon looks confused but nods. He stands up, walks over to Saphira, and climbs into the saddle.

"I'll go get him," he says as Saphira starts to walk to the edge of the clearing. As they exit the clearing they suddenly stop. I hear Eragon mutter something in the ancient language and there is a flash of light. I watch as the forcefield that trapped me in the clearing earlier rises back up, encasing me again. Immediately I start to panic. I sprint over to Eragon who is on the opposite side and snarl. They were trying to trap me here, just like Galbatorix did. It was just a nicer prison. I didn't plan to stay with them, as soon as I talked with Glaedr I planned to go to Ellesméra and live with the elves. I slashed my claws across the barrier, but all it did was make them hurt.

    LET ME OUT I scream at him. I growl again and try to throw myself at the barrier. It was still as hard as rock, but I felt it wobble just a bit. Remove the barrier and let me out I snarl. Eragon looks a bit nervous and slips off of Sapira to the ground.

    "Evarìna you need to calm down you are going to hurt something. I just put that up so you don't leave, you already tried once," Eragon says holding his hands up in a placating gesture. I growl again and beat my wings.

    So you are trapping me here. Do you even plan on letting me leave or am I now your prisoner too? I hiss at him. He shakes his head and backs up. Saphira is starting to look uncomfortable at the anger that rolls off of me. I see a small crowd gathering on the edge of the clearing. They must have been curious about what was happening. Ever since I was put in this clearing there was always a few people who got a bit curious and came to the edge to see me.

    "You are no ones prisoner anymore, but if you try to fly off Nasuada will see you as a threat and will send people to hunt you down. I'm just trying to protect you, once we sort this out you are free to do as you please," he says slowly. I slowly start to calm down as Eragon walks back to Saphira. I huff a breath and start to stalk back to the river. The sun was starting to set already and I was exhausted.

    Just bring Glaedr tomorrow and for now leave me be I tell him quietly. With that he and Saphira disappear into the sky.    

A/N- To be honest I wrote this entire fic out of spite and am still writing it out of spite because my english teacher told me I was bad at writing stories, so yeah. If anyone has any sort of suggestion for the plot feel free to tell me. And by anyone I mean the two people who are reading this, you guys are awesome! I'm on spring break next week so there will more updates.

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