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Jaden's pov

I sat in the Slytherin Common Room by the fireplace,warming up by the heat from the fire. I adjusted my hat on my head and someone walked in.


I turned my head to see the one and only Malfoy.

''Draco!''My face lit up as I jumped up and hugged him.

''I'll explain later but I snuck my sister into Hogwarts..''He mumbled as a girl with platinum blonde hair peeked around the corner,she looked a lot like Draco,but her eyes were green instead of greyish. She had freckles too and she had a tint of black streaks in her hair. Narcissa most likely dyed her hair.

''Oh--Hello..?''I greeted slightly as she walked over,her eyes studying me.

''Hi.''She spoke after a moment.

''I'm--''She cut me off.

''Jaden. I know,I'm Anna.''She finished the sentence and stuck out her pale hand,she was ad pale as snow. Paler than a piece of paper.

''Nice to meet you.''I shook her hand hastily and she disapeared into the dorms.

''She didn't get much sleep,she's going to bed.''Draco added and sat beside me by the fireplace.

''Smores.''I grabbed the materials and Draco raised a thin eyebrow as I finished making at least two dozen.

''Its a muggle thing.''I shrugged and gave Draco one as I bit into it,it melted in my mouth and I grinned slightly,Draco took a bite of the s'more and chocolate stained his pink lips,he wiped his mouth with his sleeve,flushing brightly in embarrassment. I giggled quietly and wiped his mouth with a napkin.

~~Next Week Class With Hagrid~~

We stood outside when hagrid brought over buckbeak,a hippogriff. Magical Creature it is. Harry talked to Hagrid and Draco was sitting,I stood beside him and he pulled me down into his lap.

''what?''i glanced at him.

''hug meeeeeeeee.''he said.

I hugged him and sat in his lap,watching Gryffindors fail at trying to attempt buckbeak to like them.

''Well this is funny.''Blaise laughed,sitting beside us.

''I know right!''Theo sat beside him.

''Ha! Look at Lynn!''Draco burst into laughter as BuckBeak kicked Avry into the lake.

''Haha!''We all burst into laughter,Hermione and Ron glaring at us,we didn't care though. Harry studied our group of friends. The Silver Crew. Since there was four of us,

We walked through the halls a hour later,and Draco went to the restroom with Blaise and Theo so I waited outside,Pansy and her bitchy friends tripped me and I hit the wall,all these boys trying to help me up.


''let me do it,she likes a tough guy. not a nerd.''








Draco shoved through everybody,helping me up and growled at the other boys,they ran off,afriad of Malfoy.

''Losers.''He spat with disgust torwards the group of different house boys. He grabbed my hand lightly.

We all walked to the common room again and sat,doing homework.

''a werewolf is a misunderstood creature,Theo. Not a terrifying monster.''Blaise's eyes scanned over theos paper.

''well my bad. ''Theo scribbled out his terrifying monster anwser and put a misunderstood creature.

''the anwser to number 9 is B, Lumos is a light charm.''I replied after a moment of thinking and writing down with ink.

''Isn't number 10 D? The hippogriff is more of a bird?''Draco spoke up and we all stayed silent.

''yes.''i nodded and wrote it down.

Sorry for boring chap lol

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