Fourteen: Sworn to Secrecy

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Later on at night, Carlos, Mal, Evie, and Jay sat together in a limo two days later, heading to the Seaside Celebration. It was quiet between the four, none of them really sure as to what to do. They were only here to ensure their reputation stays intact then they were going to leave to get Helena back.

The limo then came to a stop, the four exiting the vehicle and walking onto the red carpet. They ignored the questions that were being asked, which were mostly about Helena and the Isle of the Lost. They quickly took pictures before heading into the event, one they must admit was spectacular. The sandy beachfront in front of Ariel and Eric's castle that turned into a stadium. Special seats were reserved for them in the V.I.P. section, which was meant for the king and his close companions.

"Hey guys. I'm glad you could all make it," Ben said as he approached the four, who were all silent. His face fell as he stared at them, going to stand next to Mal and saying, "Look I know that you guys are upset with me, especially for making you come out here. It's been hard these past few days, and I just want you all to know that we're in this together. We are going to make things right."

"Ben, it's fine. Let's not talk about that right now," Mal said.

"Especially with all the cameras around," Jay muttered, scanning the area to see multiple cameras and reporters.

Mal smiled at the other three before taking Ben's hand, and going with him to greet the other guests.

"So, what do we do now?" Jay asked Evie in a hushed tone.

"What Hector said. We smile, talk, and make sure no one ever doubts that we were ever here," Evie replied before walking away, heading toward the son of Dopey.

"You alright, Carlos?" Jay then asked the smaller boy now that the two boys were alone.

"I'm fine," The white haired boy answered automatically, though the son of Jafar had trouble believing his friend's words.

"Yeah, but-"

"Please let's not talk about this now. This isn't the place to have the conversation." Carlos then abruptly walked away, leaving behind Jay. The son of Cruella de Vil then headed toward a nearby drinks table, taking a drink and downing it as quickly as he could.

Carlos then looked around at the Sea Celebration at each of his friends. There were all finding ways to distract themselves. Mal was busy talking to the royalty and nobility of Auradon with Ben as the two put up an act that made it seem they were a happy, perfect couple. Evie was standing beside Doug, her arm linked with his as they were talking to a group of their friends. And Jay was with the Swords & Shields team, playing an eating game by the snack table.

It was safe to say that Carlos couldn't think straight, and he hasn't been able to do since the fight on the docs. Today was the day that they were finally going to get Helena back. A lot was riding on it and all he wanted was for everything to go well. but he needed to stay focused.

"Come on, Carlos. You can do this," He whispered to himself before heading back towards the party. He went towards Evie, where she, Doug, Lonnie, Hector and Jane were gathered, and stood beside the demigod. The blue haired princess sent a small smile at Carlos before continuing on with the conversation, making sure to include Carlos in the conversation.

Mal noticed Carlos joining the conversation with Evie, Doug and a few others. She was happy to see that he was at least trying.

"This is a nice party," A man said as he approached the dark fairy with a drink in his hand.

"Yes, it is," Mal responded politely, assuming the man was a noble by how well-dressed he was.

But the stranger then shook his head, "And you had a good plan too. It's such a shame that it was never going to work."

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