Chapter Eight

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Jax's POV

"So wait, you said you could feel his eyes on you?" Matt asks after I finish telling him a recap of my day.

"Yeah, that's what I said." I say looking at the picture behind his head.

"And you say you didn't feel his eyes leave you?" I grow a little annoyed that he's asking questions when I just told him the story.

"Yes," I say trying to not roll my eyes. "I was just reading my book, but I've felt his eyes on me before. Also, I could see him out of corner of my eye watching me."

"Dude," he says more excited then I thought he would be. "He likes you!"

"No, he doesn't. He probably just wanted to make sure I was reading and not doing anything else." There's no way he likes me. One, it would be unprofessional. Two, he probably has a girlfriend or something.

"Oh so he had to make sure you weren't doing anything wrong every, single second?" The sarcasm is strong with this one.

"Well, I mean," I struggle to find an argument. He's right. Why would Mr. Lee constantly keep his eyes on me unless he likes me, but I can't fool myself with that idea. Even in my head, where it's safe, I would end up making a mistake and I can't afford to lose this job over something like this.

"See?" He says knocking me out of my thoughts. "We have to get him to ask you out." He gets up and starts walking towards my room.

"Wait what!" I get up and follow him towards my room. "Matt! Stop!" I get to my room and see him going through my clothes. I catch one of the shirts he throws at my bed before asking him what he's doing.

"I'm looking for an outfit for you to wear, but you have literally nothing we could use to tease him with." He sighs before looking around.

"For your information, my clothes are just fine. Also, we are not teasing him. I could lose my job because of this." I start putting the clothes into a pile, but when I look up Matt's gone. Where's he gone this time?

I walk out back into the main room to see him standing there holding up an outfit. I've seen him wear it once for a job interview. It was a purple button up shirt that was snug on him, black slacks that somehow are tight in all the right places, and some dress shoes to match.

"You're not going to lose your job over an outfit. It sounds like he likes you. Did you see the way he looked at you in the restaurant? He was so jealous when he thought we were on a date." He gives me the outfit. "Now go try this on. We're the same size and if it looks good on me, it'll look even better on you." He shoos me away and I walk away to try it on. He was right. It does look good on me.

I admire the way I look before I go back out. This makes my ass look amazing. Even if Mr. Lee doesn't like me like Matt says, I'll look and feel good and that's enough for me.

I walk out and I hear a cat call from the couch. I roll my eyes and turn towards Matt.

"I'd totally tap that if you weren't into your boss." He says sitting there looking at his "artwork."

"Yeah, yeah" I say waving my hand. Matt and I have always joked about things like that. He's a great friend, but I'm not attracted to him in that way and he's not attracted to me. "How do I look?"

"You look great. Mr. Lee will totally fall for you if he hasn't already." He says proud of himself. He starts explaining his plan to me. Tomorrow I'll go into wearing this and I'll bring him his favorite. All day I have to try to stay around him as much as possible, but don't force myself to stay because we don't want my boss to suspect anything going on. I'm excited but also nervous about tomorrow. Who knows what will happen.

I'm sorry about last chapter being really short. It was just a filler chapter to show Mr. Lee was interested in Jax and to give me some time to think about what I wanted to do next.

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