(K-On!) Ristu Tainaka x Reader x Mio Akiyama

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*Your P.O.V.*

          I sang along with the rest if the school as the well know band, After School Tea Time, played for the rest of the school. They were singing one of their original songs "Fuwa Fuwa Time" and I knew ever word to it. I, personally, know the bassist and the drummer. The bassist was Mio Akiyama. She is 5'3", also the tallest member of the band. She had beautiful long, straight, black hair and enchanting grey blue eyes. 

          Then, there was the drummer. Her name is Ritsu Tainaka. She is 5'0" with short, dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. Unlike Mio, who is mature, calm, collected, Ritsu is immature, forgettful, and carefree. 

          They were so different, but I think that they work perfectly together. They anger each other and sometimes it seems like they are only drifting apart, but they always come back to each other every time. I guess opposites really do attract. 

          The second they were finished I ran backstage only to be greeted by Ritsu,"(Y/n)! Did you hear us?! We nailed it!" Her enthusiasm was so contagious that I couldn't help, but laugh along with her. She hugged me tightly before going back to moving her drum set. 

          Mio walked over to me with a smile on me,"Do you think that we did good, (Y/n)?" 

          "Of course you guys were good. You were amazing!," before I could say anything else Yui interrupted me.

          "Aw. You hear that Azu-nyan? You were purrfect," Yui quickly grabbed ahold of Azusa, from behind, enveloping her into a hug. I laughed quietly as Azusa struggled with Yui's weight on her. When I first met Azusa she would try to get out of  Yui's grip, but just last week they came out to Mio, Ritsu, Mugi, and I that they were dating. Ever since then they have been all cuddly in front of us and Azusa no longer pulls away from her. 

          Ritsu jumped on my from behind causing me to fall face forward to the ground,"Let's go celebrate! I know the perfect place, too!" She laughed as she got off me and helped me up. 

          I gave her a look which immediately made her stop laughing,"I'm not so sure I want to go anywhere with you, Miss Jumps A lot". I paused for a moment and watched as she got really sad all of a sudden. I smiled rolling my eyes,"Fine. Where is it that you're going to be taking us?" Her contagious smile formed on her lips again as she led the way out.

          Yui, Mugi, and Azusa were in the far back, with Ritsu leading, and Mio was next to me,"Are you sure it's ok for you to come out with us? You didn't have to come if you were busy". I shook my head at how worried Mio was that I didn't want to be with her and the others.

          I placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder,"There is no other place I would rather be then here. You guys are my best friends, no way would I pass up the opportunity to hang out with you more. Plus, I have absolutely nothing else to do". Dispite my words I could see the faintest on blushes appear on Mio's cheeks. I thought nothing of it considering how bad her stage fright is. 

*Ritsu's P.O.V.* 

          "Oh! (Y/n) is just gonna love where I'm taking her. I guess the others, too," I turned around to look at the beauty as I thought this. She smiled at me, oh that sweet smile that could melt any heart. I turned back around, but immediately regretted it because I could no longer see her smiling face. 

          Thankfully, we arrived. In front of us stood a pet store. I remember how (Y/n) was talking about getting a(n) (f/a)(Fav animal). I knew I had made the right move coming here when I heard a gasp come from (Y/n). I knew it was her because.. well, I just knew. 

          She ran up hugging me from behind,"Ritsu! Thank you so much from bringing me here!" She grabbed my hand and rushed inside the building quickly going to the (f/a) section. I couldn't help, but laugh at how cute she was. 

*Mio's P.O.V.* 

          I glared slightly as I watched (Y/n) and Ritsu run hand-in-hand into the store. As much as I'd hate to admit it, I felt jealous. I quickly ran to catch up with them, leaving Yui, Azusa, and Mugi behind. I, finally, spotted them by the (f/a) section.

          I looked down at the animal and smiled,"Aw they're so cute".

          (Y/n) turned around with a bright smile,"I know right?! I want one so badly!" She turned back to the animals and started petting them,"I wish I had enough for you, little guy," she spoke quietly to one of the (f/a).

          I thought for a moment before speak,"(Y/n)? How much money do you have?" She waited a moment before reaching into her pocket and looking into her wallet.

          She looked up at me sadly,"Only 120,000 yen". I looked toward the pen holding the animals and read the sign saying '265,000 yen'. Man, she was way off. She would need another 145,000 yen.

          I quickly pulled Ritsu aside,"Ritsu how much money do you have?"

          She looked at me very confused before answering,"70,000 yen. Why do you want to know?" 

          "Perfect!," I smiled at her,"Let's hive (Y/n) the money she needs so she can buy herself a (f/n). With your 70,000 yen and my 75,000 yen we can give her the 145,000 yen that she needs. Please Ritsu! I know you want to make her happy just like me". 

          She thought for a moment,"Ok. I'll do it, but I'm going to ask her out, too".

          "What?," I was clearly shocked,"I wanted to". In the blink on an eye we were both running back to (Y/n). 

          As embarrassed as I was, I had to ask (Y/n) before Ritsu,"(Y/n) will you go out with me?" Ritsu and I spoke simultaneously causing (Y/n) to jump. 

          She looked between the two of us not sure what to do,"I don't know what to say. I like you both and I don't want to make the other sad because I didn't choose the". She looked down at her feet sadly which broke my heart. I didn't like seeing her sad and I knew it was the same way for Ritsu. 

          Ritsu looked over at me and I looked at her,"I think we can solve that problem for you," we mimicked each other as (Y/n) looked up. Ritsu and I looked at each other one last time before smiling towards (Y/n),"If you are ok with it, you can date both of us. That way neither of us is hurt, but if it's too much for you say no". 

          We watched as (Y/n) thought for a moment before looking up smiling,"I would love that!" We all laughed with each other.

          It took me a moment before realizing what we were originally going to do,"Oh! (Y/n) can I have the money you have?" She looked confused, but ultimately handed me her money. I gave Ritsu the money along with my own and she disappeared heading towards the counter. I smiled at (Y/n), while all she could do was look at me utterly confused. 

          A moment later, Ritsu came back with a young man in the worker's uniform,"Which one would you like?" He gestured towards the pen hold the (f/a). (Y/n) looked between Ritsu and I before smiling and pointing to a random one and the worker handed it to her. (Y/n) squealed in excitement running outside.

          She turned to us,"Thank you so much! I'll repay you. I promise! Thank you! I couldn't be happier!" We all laughed together.

          "I think I know what will make you happier," Ritsu's voice broke through the laughing. (Y/n) and I looked towards her confused, but once our eyes met I knew exactly what she was talking about. 

          Ritsu and I walked up to (Y/n) and each took a turn kissing her on the lips. They were short kisses, but they conveyed our feelings. 

          "Yes. You were right. That was the best," (Y/n) spoke quietly. She smiled at us and Yui, Azusa, and Mugi all awed. We all blushed, but walked hand in hand to (Y/n)'s house where we spent the night.

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