|Draco Malfoy| "Was It Worth It?"

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There she stood, arms folded, eyes fixated on the large man that stood a few metres in front of her, who everyone knew as Hagrid

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There she stood, arms folded, eyes fixated on the large man that stood a few metres in front of her, who everyone knew as Hagrid. She was known as a quiet one, however she came from a family of purebloods, who had control over the majority of the wizarding world.

She was also a Slytherin, it almost made sense, perhaps because of the black imprint on her left wrist, which she covered with her long sleeved robe. Her position was on the right hand side of Draco Malfoy, a student who she couldn't help but dispise, with his cocky and hubris attitude, not to mention his father, who was just the same in personality.

Y/N held her strong and fearless stance as Hagrid asked who wanted to first mount the large Hippogryph she already knew to be named Buckbeak, whilst the majority of students stood back, apart from her and 'The boy who lived'. She took a glance round, her narrow eyes remaining the same as she sighed quietly.

"Y/N why don't you come on over and try to win Buckbeaks heart?" Hagrid bellowed.
The H/C shrugged and strolled towards the large Hippogryph, her arms relaxed by her side, she stopped in front of Buckbeak, bending over to bow. She raised her head to see it returning her bow with one of its own.

She mounted the hybrid and glanced towards the students that gazed at her, she noticed the harsh gaze of the Malfoy son himself, which earned a chuckle from her mouth as she gently tapped the Hippogryphs side, it moved towards the cliff edge causing the small gust of wind to move Y/N's hair away from her face.

"Buckbeak, now!" She yelled, feeling the large Hybrid leap into the air before soaring down the cliff edge. The rest of the students gasped, sprinting to the cliff edge to check on the two, who by the time the class had reached the edge had already begun to soar back up towards them, causing the strong gust from Buckbeaks large wings to hurl towards them all.

The class watched as the H/C sat upon the grey beast, the two curling majesticly around corners and diving through large caverns before soaring up towards the sky which at that point seemed to be limitless, causing the pair to fly through the clouds dissapearing from the class' view.

She smirked towards the ground.
"Circle round Buckbeak." She gently stroked the hybrids face. Before feeling the bird bolt towards Hogwarts.

The class continued to look for the pair, who had circled behind them without noticing, they searched the skies. Draco kept his gaze on every inch of it, his curiosity growing stronger. A loud screech was heard from behind them, they turned in sync to see Buckbeak rearing up, his wings at full span, Y/N stood by him, one hand on her hip, a smirk plastered on her face. She bowed to the hippogryph once more, it returned the bow and nuzzled her.

"I'm surprised Bucky here let you do that many turns." Hagrid chuckled.
Y/N chuckled and walked back to her original position.
"That was an entertaining display L/N." Draco smirked.
She gave him a glance and shrugged.
"Well what do you expect from a pureblood like me..."
"Don't get cocky Y/N." He snapped.
"Don't give me a reason to be..." She chuckled. "I see we're on first name basis are we?"
She walked away and gave him a quick flirtatious smirk over her shoulder, which was unintentional but the more Draco thought about it the more it was intentional to him.


The common room was silent, a green flame lighting up the room. Y/N stroked the small black cat which sat in her lap. Her E/C orbs reflecting with a green flame. The blonde watched from a distant, trying to remain unobvious. Blaze sat by his side, eventually noticing his constant gaze on the female.
"You know, if you like he-"
"Quiet Blaze!" He growled lowly.
Y/N stood up from the small lounging chair and yawned, ushering the small feline to follow her, as she walked back towards her chambers.

Draco watched her leave and sighed slightly, he never really expected he had a thing for her, until around a few weeks ago in a potions class.


"Y/N would you show the class what you have done?" The professor began.
She nodded and smiled, taking her notes to the front of the class.
Draco was mindlessly mixing potions from the desk until his attention was brought to her.

She added the several ingredients before poring it into the small mouse on the desk. The mouse grew in size and cocked his head to the side. She took another potion and poured it on top, reverting it to its original size.

Draco watched in amazement and slight admiration by the looks of it. She smiled and walked back to her seat, earning a few housepoints and a congratulations from Snape himself.


Y/N was called upon by her father for a meeting with 'He who must not be named'.

She stepped along the cobbled street. The black felines claws quietly tapping one after another beside her feet.

She looked to her father and sighed.
"What is the meeting about."
"Mr Malfoy is initiating his son. I believe he is in your year?"
"He is."


She sat across from the Malfoys, catching the eye of Draco who was recently marked with the infamous mark of the death eaters.

She stood from her chair and walked away from the meeting once it had concluded. Draco strode after her. Wanting answers to questions he had had for some time.

She muttered something beneath her breath and turned on her heal, folding her arms across her chest. Her lips parted as she muttered the following words.
"Draco, must you always follow me?"
"Excuse me?" He stuttered.
She sent him a glare and stepped closer, closing the gap between the two. Draco looked at her with a cold yet soft stare.

She made him feel different, how ever much he hated to admit it she had similar attributes to his mother, and he treasured his mother as many boys do. Maybe that's why he liked Y/N He wanted to keep her safe and protect her.

Y/N snapped him out of his trance, leaning in closer to look at his eyes. His bright blue ones mixed with hers.
"You're very unfocused Draco."
"And how would you know that." He smirked.
She scowled at him and stood back.
"You never take your eyes off me, the day I flew Buckbeak. I saw it, the hippogryph saw it... You're amazed." She purred, her eyes glistening for a moment.

Draco grabbed her hand pulling her towards his chest, she collided against him with a small thud and a gasp. He looked her in the eyes and connected his lips with hers. She kissed back, her cheeks flaring up, she grasped his hand and pulled back, pulling up the sleeve to gaze at the black mark.

"You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into."
"Was it worth it to kiss you?"
"Maybe." She gazed at him once more.

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