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Chace's P.O.V. 

Life has not always been this miserable. I had a pretty good life growing up, up until three years ago when my mom died from the flu. She has been feeling weak before she caught the flu and the next thing I know, she was hospitalized and they didn't let me see her until the funeral.

I know many people say how their mom is or in my case was great but she was the greatest mom in the world. I was a mommy's boy. Any problem I had I went to her. If I didn't want to go alone to an appointment, she was there. She pampered me until the day she died, and I love her for that and all the love she gave me.

My father was not a bad man. He was a good dad all around until mom died. He taught me how to drive a car, a motorcycle, and even showed me how to fire a gun. But then things changed for the worst. He got depression. Everything I did bothered him. I could not spend more than half an hour in the bathroom because he would start yelling and banging on the door. If I did not cook what he wanted he would trash it. At first, I took all the yelling and beer bottles thrown my way because he was grieving, but so was I. Mom's death really hit me hard, I felt a piece of me died and I was next.

My sexuality was never an issue for me. I accepted at a really young age what I liked, and who I was. When I was just ten years old, I came out to my mom. I told her I had always liked boy for as long as I could remember. My first crush was in the first grade and the boy was really cute. Mom never had an issue with it, she just kissed my forehead and said I was still her little boy which she loved. She did mention to never tell my dad. I didn't understand why at that time. I never did tell him, not until I was an adult. I broke my silence to my dad about my sexuality when I had just turned twenty-one. A few weeks after actually.

I told him out of anger. I was already having a horrible. I was not only not getting the money I applied for school, but I was also fired. How did my sexuality get in it? Out of frustration, I was crying in my room alone for what I was going through and not having my mom there to comfort me, but my dad came into my room saying I was acting like a little fag who was not getting his way. He told me to man up and get another job, and to stop crying over school because it wasn't worth it. 

My dad did not understand the fact of me liking school, and going to culinary school. Mom did. She understood everything when it came to me. After my dad said that, I told him I was acting like what I was. He nearly killed me then. I don't hate him, I wish I could, but I don't. Yes, he verbally abused me for the next hour or two until I got all of my things out, he threw me out and slapped me a few times, but I just couldn't bring myself to hate him. 

Even after sleeping in my car for a week, I couldn't either. When I didn't have food I couldn't. When I became an escort I couldn't. Nothing could bring me to hate him. Many would think I was stupid for not hating him, but he was still my dad at the end of the day and before mom died, he was a really good dad.

After a while, I quit the escort job. I had a lot of money saved in the bank from working as an escort. It was the money I used to pay for my car insurance, gas(trying to get a new job, but no such luck), buy food and rent a motel room that became like my own home.

After a while, I didn't have money, just a couple bucks to survive. I was honestly desperate, I even considered getting back into being an escort, but I didn't want to, deep down I just didn't. I knew that wasn't me or the life I wanted to continue living.

When I thought all my hopes were up, I saw an AD about being a nanny. Yes! A nanny. It didn't say I had to be a female, so I decided to give it a shot. Not a lot was said in the AD. Only that this person needed a nanny for their two children, ASAP. I took the number, called, and next thing I know I had an interview the next day at twelve noon sharp. Using the last money I had, I decided to not sleep in my car and rent a motel room so that I didn't look the way I did, which was not pretty.

I had hair on my face and I kind of smelled bad. I went to sleep that night with a smile on my face and a spark of hope. I needed to land this job, I did. I didn't care if I had to wipe a snotty little kid's nose, I just needed this job. So the next morning when I woke up I prepared myself for a great day, and not the shitty ones I have had since I turned twenty-one.

I know, another story, go ahead and hate me and talk about me. I know I have a lot of stories to finish, but I am pretty sure I won't start posting this story until mid-April or end of April? I want to finish two more of the stories I am currently working on before I actually start with this one. I just needed to put it out there for you guys to start getting interested. 

I was planning on writing an escort story, still not sure about that. Let me know what you guys think of me writing an escort story? Good? Bad? I might in the future. :)

Let me know your thoughts on this new story. The concept of it so far and what you think could happen? How old do you think the kids are going to be? I already have an idea of how Chace is going to look, I'll say when I start posting for this story. And I have an idea of who Alexander is. It was the first person who came to mind but also would be revealed next chapter. 

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