Sage's eyebrows relaxed, falling back in their assigned arches. "You don't even seem so s-sure yourself."

A dramatic gasp was heard. "Sage, are you trying to roast me?"

The blonde boy broke out in a frenzy of apologies and stuttering, until Randall interjected. "Oh, shut it. You know I'm just joking."


"Sorry, sorry." Randall laughed. "Ready to meet some dicks?"

Colour rushed to Sage's cheeks at Randall's blunt words, and he found himself unable to reply. The purple-eyed boy looked at him, cracking up at his reaction. Again.

"Not literal dicks, Sage. Figure of speech, remember?" he said, tsking afterward. "You have a really dirty mind, you do."

"N-no, I..."

Randall began patting his shoulder in an act of consolation. "It's okay, it's okay." suddenly remembering their purpose, he nodded towards Taste Buds. "Let's be awesome."

And so, the nerves returned to Sage, albeit not as bad prior to talking to Randall. He took a deep breath, trying to ingest the motto Randall gave him that he' s awesome. He finds that hard to believe. After all, how many awesome persons get jitters this badly just by meeting people? Not everybody was out to harm or insult him. Sage had to keep reminding himself that.

Randall released his hand, and Sage stuck them into his hoodie pockets, burying his cold fingertips into a den of warmth. When the other boy began moving, so did he, turning the hoodie over his head, keeping his eyes on his shoes as he tailed along. A jingle could be heard above the door as they entered, along with the sounds of chattering, radiating from different tables of people, of all age groups, some of whom had turned to look at them.

The only thing Sage could see besides Randall before him, was the black and white marble-tiled floor, where his foot easily moved against, as he plunged further into the diner. He could hear Randall tossing out greetings as they moved along, soon to reach the counter. He hadn't realized that Randall had stopped until he walked right into his back. He quickly backed away, apologizing.

"Delinquent," Randall muttered as his hand reached forward, pushing the hood of the blonde's hoodie back, leaving him feeling naked and vulnerable again. "It's okay, Sage. No one's going to assault you."

Now, actually taking the time to look around, he realized that it wasn't very populated, and the people inside were minding their own business. Tables were distributed across the room, to the walls, the booths offering plump seating of velvety material, colour of red and light blue. Two chairs were turned to meet at each booth, a mahogany table standing between them. The walls were painted in a warm cream colour, a few posters and artworks littered here and there to alter the room. A collection of different smells was compiled in the room, making Sage's stomach growl. He hadn't eaten anything since lunch hours, about three hours ago.

Sage turned, perusing the counter and what was behind it. Just like the tables, the counter seemed shiny and polished, incorporating a rich mahogany wood, smooth to the touch. There was a menu hoisted on the wall behind the counter, and a clear-door fridge stood nearby, offering juices of all colours, tastes, and brands.

"Y-you work here?" Sage stuttered out, the emotion of admiration evident in his large eyes.

"Yup," Randall responded. "My uncle owns it, but I manage it. He stops by a few times to check-in and stuff."

Of course, Sage just had to picture that his uncle was a tall, brooding man. The next thing he knew was that he was moving forward, walking through an 'Employees Only' door, to be greeted by the sound of curses.

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