Chapter One

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Two long, hectic weeks had passed as Madison had eventually found out she had been accepted. Madison tried to contain her excitement but it was almost impossible doing so considering this was going to be her first proper, graduate job that looked at Madison's diploma instead of hiring her based on her ability to 'sort out racks of clothing'.

Exactly three days after her interview, when Madison was ready to hunt for another job, she received a call that almost restored her faith in luck, almost. For Madison, luck was nothing but a simple noun she had used multiple times in her English class in high school. She believed in no such thing.

However, Madison did hold a strong trust towards Karma, which was what her mother had raised her to believe. That all the hardships Madison was going to go through in life would pay off at the end.

Madison's gaze hovered towards the digital block that rested on her nightstand; the numbers that illuminated with a blue glow reminded her that this was definitely not the time to be having such philosophical thoughts. Tomorrow was her big day and it was well past eleven pm. She needed to catch some sleep if she wanted the day to start off right.

As much as Madison tried to fall deep into slumber, her mind was restless, and it all had something to do with a certain blonde that she may or may not have imagined on her interview day.

Madison flailed her body, tossing her duvet off the bed and flipping her body to rest stomach-down onto her bed. Madison gripped the edge of her pillow tightly, her eyelids hooded with a misty haze and her cheeks flushed. Madison's thoughts instantly drifted back to her high school years.

Despite being a conventional target for the bullies, Madison adored high school. She would stay as long as she could, finishing off work, using the school's computers to her upmost advantage and communicating with her group of friends. Madison frowned as she corrected her thoughts: they weren't a group, just two other girls who shared some similarities with Madison.

Only one was actually close to Madison, her name was Ophelia and she was currently studying Medicine, far from Madison. Apart from the occasional meet up's they would have every month or so, Madison found herself growing quite lonely, her cat wasn't doing enough justice to her.

Madison retracted back to Lacey. She remembered how Lacey would mock her on her sense of style, which was very limited due to the small amount of money her family had.

She remembered how Lacey had blurted a nasty remark on her body in the changing rooms in her third year of high school; she recalled having all those eyes, some filled with pity and some with derision and humour, staring at her naked figure as she quickly finished changing for swim practice. Or, ironically, when Madison was merely admiring Lacey's body before she slipped on her gym shorts and Lacey had called her out. The rest of her time in high school was spent being labelled as the 'desperate dyke that got off staring at other girls in the changing rooms'.

How could Madison forget when Lacey had called her 'ugly' for having pimples that submerged from different regions on her face?

Or how she laughed at her and called her pathetic for putting on makeup for the first time. The next day Madison never touched the makeup set her mother had gifted her for her birthday. But despite all that, Madison couldn't help the feelings she held towards Lacey.

Maybe it was simply adoration, but something about Lacey's voluptuous body and bouncy, full-of-volume tresses really appealed to Madison. Maybe she felt jealous that Lacey had straight A's and Madison was struggling to lift her grade up from a D in her first year of high school.

But maybe, Madison felt something much more intense towards Lacey.

It was the day before Madison graduated, she had offered to help set up the preparations for tomorrow. As she went to the janitor's closet to put away the extra paintbrushes, she passed the long hall that lead to the gym and her eyes instantly caught sight of Lacey's sleek hair brushing past her shoulders. There was another figure that stood inches before Lacey with long, dark hair and the shortest shorts. Lacey's eyes met Madison's and Madison immediately stumbled back, the sound of her blood rushing to her ears was deafening as she shook with fear for spying on Lacey.

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