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I grabbed a bowl of popcorn that I had been making and gave it to Emma, guessing she would probably want to eat some and she gladly accepted it and started to munch on it.

Sitting on the flor in front of my chair I picked up the remote and scrolled through Netflix. "What do you guys want to watch?"

Summer piped up right away. "Happy Gilmore!" She screeched like she knew exactly what she wanted to watch even before we left school.

Allison and Emma groaned in unison and said. "No! Stop trying to get us to watch it!"

I laughed and asked the question that's been burning inside me since I met her. "Do you play any sports?"

She looked like she didn't hit the gym, but regularly worked out on stuff that wasn't a treadmill or elliptical. Emma and Ally bursted into giggles and couldn't contain their laughter at my question as they fell off their chairs and kept grinning.

Summer just rolled her eyes at the other two who where laughing and said. "Sorry, these two over there," She said pointing her thumb at them. "Think the sports I play aren't really sports."

"Well?" I asked, curious to see if she was talking about dancing or gymnastics.

I don't know why, but people don't think those are sports—and they totally are! If a football player dances for balance it's a sport.

And can you do a double twist backflip thingy whatever? Nope, neither can I. That's why gymnastics is a sport.

"I play Golf and Tennis." She mumbled which made them laugh even harder.

"What? Those are totally sports!" I said defending Summer.

Summer smiled and thanked me when she put her arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to her, making me whence when my bones started to crumble under her weight but she didn't notice.

"She gets it." She said pouring at me. Summer glanced at her watch that was on her pouting hand and almost swore. "Shoot! I need to get back to seventh hour so I can get to practice!"

She hurried out of the room and said a quick bye before leaving and possibly running to the school since she didn't drive here.

Dang, that's cool.

"Okay, What movie?" I asked as I turn around only to see that Emma was scrolling through her phone and Ally was looking over Emma's shoulder to see what she was looking at.

Ally looked up at me and than back at the screen before glancing back up at me. "Since when did Adam start to date?"

I blinked to make sure I heard her correctly and swiftly walked over to them and looked at her phone to see Adam Allioni's Facebook page open and a picture of me posted with the caption—

'Sunshine, Sunshine
You are sublime, you are divine
Your presence is an extra lifeline

In your face I forget my sorrows
For I can face them tomorrow
In your warm rays I shall make headlines
Just shine on me love before you resign

Sunshine, Sunshine
You always shine a delightful design
That sends joyous glitters down my spine

Sunshine, Sunshine
Now and then you taste sweeter than wine
Your smile is one I simply dare not decline

Sunshine, Sunshine
Today you shall be mine
Tomorrow I am yours to outshine'

I groaned loudly and looked away from the crunchy picture he had taken of me in the library. "He is going to be the death of me."

"As in your really dating?!" Emma squealed.

I rolled my eyes. "No, and he's in big trouble now."

Pulling out my phone I sent a witty yet sensible text that was just short enough to leave him thinking I don't know and at the same time that I do.

Me: since when was I yours Adam?
✓ adam: 2:37

Adam: since when did you stalk my Facebook Sunshine?
sent: 2:38

Damn he's good.

Damn he's good

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