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I sigh as I rip the notice off my apartment door stating that I have 30 days to get out or I have to pay the rent. My rent's far over due.

I lost my job as an assistant for Ms. Grandere, a famous fashion designer, a couple weeks ago and I've been living on little to no money as I search for a job.

"Hey." My neighbor Racheal mutters with a soft smile as I shimmy my key into the lock.

"Hey Racheal." I sigh. "What's wrong?" She ask with furrowed eyebrows. The fact that she asked this question baffles me. She knows about my struggling money situation since she's my best friend.

I just hand her the bright orange notice. She grabs it from me and she takes everything written on it in.

"I actually came over here to talk to you about something." She says handing the bright paper back to me. My eyebrows furrow at this. "If it's about your boyfriend I'm really not in the mood to hear it." I sigh as I drop my hands to my side.

I swing my door open and step inside. She doesn't even need an invitation as she walks in right behind me and shuts the door herself.

"No no no. I actually heard about a job opportunity you might be interested in." She rambles. "What is it?" I ask now genuinely interested and slightly confused.

"It's an assistant opening." She mutters. "Go on." I say begging her to just get to the good part.

"It happens to be an opening at Dolan Enterprise." She blurts quickly as if hoping it would fly over my head. My eyes widen at the statement.


There's plenty of books like this but Ethan being a big business owner is my aesthetic so I wanted to write one of my own. Enjoy loves :)

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