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Anika's words surely managed to make Nirav spellbound. He kept recalling her words again and again in his mind. He was shocked to hear it, though he wanted to hear the same from her. He didn't see it coming so soon. He was more than happy to express his happiness. He didn't utter a single word after her confession. Finally, it was their time to descend down back towards the Earth. Ride back up to shore was silent, but silence with so many words. Standing on the sand, Nirav was still silent, engrossed in deep thoughts. Anika stood exactly in front of him. She folded her hands and kept staring at him with a smile. It was when he regained back his senses, he realized the intense stare of Anika and looked straight into her eyes.

"I know silence is beautiful, but how much more time are we supposed to be on such silent mode Nirav?"

His eyes were brimming over with emotions. "Thank you so much, Anu!"

She raised an eyebrow and asked, "Thank you for?"

"For everything. You have brought happiness back into my life. You are the best thing ever happened to me.", he said with a light smile on lips.

"Oh c'mon Nirav, you very well know, I have done nothing for you, except for troubling you. So keep that thank you of yours with you.", she said. 

"I would say you have no idea what you have done for me. I am so so so happy today!"

"Okay okay! Me too! Oh my god like seriously, this is the best feeling in this world. And wait for a second, Anu? Seriously? You never called me that before. Why such an immediate transformation?", she questioned raising her eyebrow.

"I wanted to call you Anu right from the day one, but you know right, you liked me so much back then? I was just scared if you would take it in a wrong way, so I just stopped myself from calling you so.", he said smiling sheepishly.

"Okay stop being so sarcastic man. I know I was very rude at first but that was because things were going very fast and almost against my mind, I was just not able to match up with the pace of changing things. And as I was not happy with it, I was rude to you. I am sorry!" Saying this, Anika held her ears and gave him an innocent look.

Nirav removed her hands which were holding her ears, took them in his and looked into her eyes. "You don't have to be sorry for anything. Whatever you did was not wrong exactly, you too had your own issues. And your behavior was obvious because everything was happening against your mind. In fact, I should be the one to say sorry, just because of me, you couldn't accomplish your dream."

"Quiet, quiet! No more apologies, please. It's none of our faults. So just let it go. What is more important is that we are happy with each other.", she said making him quiet.

"As you say, ma'am! It's almost lunchtime if you don't mind should we head towards some restaurant and fill our tummies?"

"Of course. I am too damn hungry ya."

The day went off quite quickly

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The day went off quite quickly. Both the lovebirds roamed around the island, hand in hand, as a couple which was madly in love with each other. It was almost 9 pm when they returned back to the hotel after having dinner. On the way back to their room, they spotted the same middle-aged couple, Rose and Frank, they were in the middle of a heated argument, where the lady, Rose stood there holding so many heavy bags, keeping her head down and the man, Frank was almost half screaming on her. Seeing the scenario, Anika jumped towards the couple in spite of Nirav's consistent efforts to stop her.

"What kind of husband are you? You are wife is carrying all those heavy bags", she said pointing towards the bags in Rose's hand, "and what are you doing? Just scolding her? Isn't it so inhuman? Be a gentleman, take care of your wife instead of screaming and insulting her in front of everyone. Have a look at my husband, he is so caring, loving, and most importantly he knows how to respect his wife."

"Excuse me, lady, just mind your own business and stop poking your nose in someone else's life." The man answered very rudely and hurried towards his room. His wife, on the other hand, looked at Anika with so many emotions in her eyes as if she wanted to say so many things but was unable to do so. Without saying a word, she gave a weak smile to Anika and went behind her husband. 

"Anu, calm down, leave them alone. This is the best day of our life. Please let's not spoil it." Anika, who was still fuming with anger, calmed a bit after listening to Nirav and returned to their room. Being still irritated, she sat down on the bed thinking deeply about her current encounter with the couple. She kept wondering why was Rose still bearing with that madman. Nirav sat exactly in front of her on his knees, he took her hands in his and said, "I think I know how to lighten up your mood!"

She looked up at him. "Wanna dance?", he asked extending his right hand towards her. A small smile crept on her face as she extended her hand towards his. Both of them got up. Nirav turned on some very silent yet romantic music. Within no seconds, the room was filled with the soft music and the intense love.

 Nirav had his left hand firmly but gently placed to her hip. Anika securely wrapped her arms around Nirav with her right hand locked with his. He gazed upon her eyes, smiling at the young woman. The rhythm of their bodies that danced slowly with the elegant music was passionate. He twirled her around, dipping her as he leaned forward closer to her. Staring at the beauty before him, his breathing became shallow and his heart had suddenly felt heavy inside his chest. With their bodies nearly touching one another's and their faces so close to each other, to her surprise, Anika's face turned to a light shade of pink while her heart began to race. Locking the eyes, they were unable to keep away from each other. There was something between them. Moments spark lit up. Nirav took in a deep breathe, as he pulled Anika back up into his arms. They were never so near to each other before. The feeling was intense yet beautiful. He felt her heart pounding next to his chest. Her scent filled his lungs and with every breath, he took more and more of it became a part of him. With that, he crashed his lips upon hers. The kiss was gentle yet demanding. 


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