Chapter 26. Preparations

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Harry POV

It was the beginning of December, and I was standing in the ballroom of the school, together with 80 other students as we were trying to learn how to dance. The school held a Yule ball each year, every two years students of Beauxbaton were invited too. But this year it was only us.
I was hoping to invite Draco, so we could meet again (FINALLY). 

"Harry, first you start right foot back." Victor reminded me and I tried to follow his lead, but I was hopeless, I couldn't dance for the life of me. You have no idea how happy I was when the lesson finished, and I was allowed to leave. I met Alek in the halls, talking with Eva.
I sat down in my room and wrote an invitation to Draco, trying to make it look extra special, using my nicest quill. Afterwards, I ran up to the owlery, giving to letter to Hedwig, who made herself on her way, happy to fly back to England again. 

I was on my way downstairs from the owlery again, when another student came up. He was tall and had some muscle, and he smelled like an Alpha.
I realised that he had to be Sergej, from one of the Quidditch teams.
"Hey, Harry, right?" he said and I nodded. He looked down at me and it seemed as if he wanted to say something.
"Well... about the yule ball... you got a date already?" he asked, full of hope.
"Sorry, I just send an invitation to my soon-to-be mate. But I am sure that you will find somebody else!" I answered, trying to make my reply not seem too bad. He looked a bit dejected, but then he just shrugged his shoulder.
"And I thought I would have a chance when I asked early... Well, let's hope I will find someone without a mate. Come on, I will accompany you downstairs." He held out his hand for me to take like a true gentleman and helped me down the stairs. 

Down again we went separate ways, and I felt a sudden urge to rearrange my nest, and I knew that it was NOT because of an upcoming heat, but the upcoming meeting with Draco.
The last few days I got the feeling that I wanted to take our relationship further, that I was tired of the soon-to-be, I wanted to be his mate. And there was my old family, that didn't stop harassing me.
They wanted me to go home, to leave Durmstrang and be their 'good boy' again. 

But I was not their child anymore.
My parents are Sirius Black and Remus Lupin-Black. When I was finally happy with my bigger nest (I had hidden some lube and condoms, just in case!) and felt ready to go downstairs for dinner.
I sat down next to Alek, who was rubbing his feet.
"Hurt from the dancing lessons?" I asked, and he nodded.
"I had a nice talk with Eva today." he said and I cocked an eyebrow.
"Really. You having something going on?" I asked, and he shushed me. 

"I can't tell you! Go and ask Victor what he is doing, it seems he wants to kill himself with that needle!" I looked over to my beta-brother, who seemed to be trying to sew something.
He gave me an annoyed look and I gave him a questioning one back. He showed me some pieces of what seemed to be brown fur that he was sewing together. 

"I'm making a nice blanket for my future child. It's a tradition that the dominant mate goes on a hunt and gives the fur to their mate in form of either the shoulder throw of the uniform or some other piece of clothing etcetera.
My mate thinks I am not serious about children, so I am going to show him how serious I am. What do you say?" he asked me and lets me touch the fur.
It was soft, and I could see Vic wrapping a baby into it, cuddling it. I nodded at him, ready to start my meal. 

It seemed as if I wasn't destined to eat today, as a letter was brought in by an owl. It was red, and I knew this kind of letter to well.
Then, the fake sweet voice of Lily Potter continued:
"Harry, my baby boy, mommy is missing you. I know you have grown up and everything is scary, and war is going on, but we found someone that will keep you safe and we just want to help you! Just come..." 

The letter started to burn while Lily still talked. 

There, on the opposite side of the table stood little Elisabeth, her wand in her hand.
"The voices were hurting you." she said. 

"Semeistva means family. And in a family, you look after each other." 

I heard her whisper, sitting down again, while someone else put the ashes of the howler into the trash.
Only now I realised how I curled up on my chair, that Alek had wrapped his arms around me together with Victor.
That was the second I decided to not be scared of the Potter family ever again. They were nothing to me, and I will tell them the next time I would ever have to face them.

A/N: I know that there is a lot going on this chapter, but after only writing filler chapter for so long, I felt like I needed story important stuff again, so it's going to story relevant again!

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