Chapter 1: Beginning

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You (Lee Jihyo) and Jinhwan were childhood friends. Entered the same primary and middle school in Jeju Island.

Your father is a fisherman while your sell fish and other seafood in the market. Life in Jeju Island is very simple. You are living with your parents in a small village near the sea. Kim Jinwhan and Ha Na Eun are your bestfriends.

"Jihyo-ah!!! Jihyo-ah!! Come out! Bigbang finally had a comeback, let's watch it in the cafè." Na Eun shouted at the top of her lungs from outside your house.

"Really? Wait for me. I'll just out my shoes on." You hurriedly put your shoes on and leaving your neck tie untied because you're in a hurry.

"Eomma! I'm leaving!" You shouted and she just said yes.

"Hurry up!" Na Eun said and both of you ran to the cafe before the class starts.

On the other hand, Jinhwan who is coming out of their house saw you running so fast.

"Aishh, when will these kids be matured?" He calmly muttered. He rode on his bike going to school.

You and Na Eun rented a computer in a cafè near your school and started watching Bigbang's comeback performinf Haru Haru, 2008.

After watching the videos all over again, you both ran fast to your class because it's about only 5 minutes before the class starts.

"Hurry Na Eun! We'll be late again!" You screamed.

Just on time, you both take your seats. You sit beside Jinhwan who is busy flipping his book.

"Aigoo, we almost didn't make it." You gasped.

"Teacher will hit you again. Look at yourself." He said and he tied your necktie. Right after he tied your necktie, the teacher entered the room.

"Thank you, Jinhwanie." You're still breathing heavily.

The class started and you concentrated. You're smart enough but your classmates and your teacher don't believe in you.

"Okay. Let's have a surprise graded recitation today. Machine, what is a machine?" Everyone was surprised because of the teacher's announcement.

"Let's hear from Jihyo-ssi. Jihyo-ssi, what is a machine?" The teacher called you and asked you .

"A machine is anything that reduces human effort." You immediately answered.

"What kind of definition was that? Please sit down. Can someone define what is a machine?" The teacher asked again and gave you a death glare. Someone raised her hand, the class president and 1st honor, Kang Jimin.

"A machine uses power to apply forces and control movement to perform an intended action. Machines can be driven by animals and people, by natural forces such as wind and water and by chemical, thermal or electrical power and include a system of mechanisms that shape the actuator input to achieve a specific application of output forces and movement." Jimin recited the definition from the book while you are mumbling and making fun of her from behind.

"That's what a definition means Ms. Jihyo." The teacher said and gave you another death glare.

"But teacher, I said the same thing in simple language." You defended and Jinhwan tried to stop you by pulling you to sit down.

"Yah, Jihyo-ah. Stop it. You'll be in another trouble again." He whispered.

"You stupid brat! Who told you to answer me like you're smarter than me huh? Out from room Jihyo-ssi! Now!" The teacher shouted.

"I told you to stop. See?" Jinhwan whispered.

"Whatever? She's being so biased." You said while packing your things and getting ready to go outside the classroom.

You went out of the room like nothing happened. As you went out of the classroom, you realized that you forgot something in your table and entered the room again.

"Yah! Are you really a hard headed? What now?" The teacher asked you.

"I forgot something." You answered calmly.

"What?" Your teacher asked.

"Instruments that record, analyze, summarize, organize, debate and explain information; that illustrated, non-illustrated, hard-bound, paperback, jacketed, non-jacketed with foreword, introduction, table of contents, index that are intended for the enlightenment, understanding, enrichment, enhancement and education of human brain through the sensory route of vision. Sometimes touch." You explained.

"What do you mean?" She asked again.

"Books. I forgot my books." You answered and everyone laughed.

"Couldn't you simply answer?" The teacher got angry.

"I tried earlier Madam. But it simply didn't work." You immediately took your books and went out and everyone laughed including Jinhwan.

After the today's class, Jinhwan and Na Eun meet you at the gazeebo, where you three usually rest and eat. You were lying down the table sleeping.

"Yah Jihyo-ah! What the hell did you do in our Physics class?" Jinhwan hit your forehead.

"Aww! That hurts huh!" And you scratched your forehead.

"You really never learned from your mistakes." Jinhwan once again lectures you.

"Yah! Do you think I was really the one who's wrong?" You answered him.

"See? You're such a hard headed kid. You never listen." Jinhwan said.

"Aigoo, Jinhwan stop lecturing Jihyo for she will never listen." Na Eun said.

You're upset again because of what had happened. Na Eun went home already and you and Jinhwan walking with his bike.

"Why? Were you upset because of the teacher or because I got mad." He asked you. You both stopped walking.

"Being scolded by teacher, I got used to it. But being scolded by my beastfriend over and over again hurts much more." You pouted your lips.

"Aigoo, this little rascal is getting sensitive nowadays." He dropped his bike and hugged you.

"Yah! What do you think you're doing?" You asked him without even moving. (He's 2 inches taller than you)

"I was just comforting my huffing bestfriend." He said while squeezing you with his hug. He's such a sweet bestfriend that whenever you feel sad would do anything to make you comfortable.

"I'm sorry for scolding you all the time. Please understand that I'm just doing it for your own sake." He added.

"Yah! Stop squeezing my head in your chest! Aisshh!!" You yelled at him.

He went home first and you do the same.

The next week, will be White Day. A day where men return the favor of receiving gifts during valentines' day. But not all, some men/women who did not receive gifts during valentines' day can actually give gift to someone they are thankful for or someone they wanted to confess.

At the cafeteria, the three of you are having their lunch. While queueing to get some food, you had conversation with your bestfriend.

"Na Eun-ah, what's your plan for tomorrow's white day?" You asked her.

"Nothing. I have no one to give something." She answered while grabbing a cup of soup.

"Yah! How about me? We've been doing this like years." You complained.

"Ok, ok. Aishh, I'll give you what you want. How about you Jinhwan-ssi? Do you someone to appreciate on White Day?" Na Eun asked as the three of you take place on a table near you.

"Hmm, the usual." He answered.

"What the usual?" Na Eun asked.

"The one he had a crush on, Jung In. He had been giving gifts to that girl for years now but don't have the courage the introduce himself." You answered Na Eun.

"What the! Jinhwanie, you're such a coward." Na Eun said.

"Yah! Why can't you two focus on your food?" He complained.

And the three of you finished eating lunch and went back to class to have a short nap.

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