chapter 13: New friend

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Jk pov:

"Hello how are you man! "Miss Jane said

"I am fine"

"How's the meeting go" she asked

"Great" I said because according to my point of view it's great

"So I hear you are going to attend the party which held in Rose merry hotel" she told me

"Yeah" we all are going there

"It's great then" she said

"Okay the document you ask for I prepared them" she explained

"blue prints!" right that are so important for the dealing I respond

"Yeah! you are right, I bring them with me take a look"

I hold the file and turn papers to check they are accurate

I am busy checking the document when I hear a loud thud like someone fall I turn around and see no one but I feel like someone is behind the door I went near and saw jack hiding his face in his knees

"What are you doing here? I ask"

Huh-----he look up and he was placing his hand on his mouth to avoid any noise make by him

Huh -u-h he stand up and start looking on the ground

"I am sorry I just not see because I am p-la-ying when I fall- so-its-that "he mumble

"What the hell"

"who are you playing with" I growl

"Sorry please I just not know that's you room because I am not aware of this place I never do it again" he speak

"Just get lost" I said with a deadly tone

"Miss Jane I am sorry for this disturbance and I agree with the work they all are accurate so bye I will take my leave now" I said

"Okay bye" she said and left my office while I sit on my chair and start massaging my temple with my fingers


No one's pov:

I went out when I saw ken and the little boy I saw in Justin office before sitting on sofa I went toward them

"Hi, how are you ken and who is this cutie?" I ask

"Oh miss jane he is just our guest! Our special guest " he told her

"Oh whats your name boy" I ask

"Jack" he said

"Oh so cute name for cute boy"

"So what's your age you look too young like a 12 year old boy"

"No I am 16 year old" he mumble I feel hesitant in his way of speaking like is afraid of something

"ken can I speak to him in privately"

"Y-eah of course he told me and give a sharp gaze to jack"

We start talking when we are busy in our conversation after an hour someone came

"Are you still here"

I and jack turn around and see Justin


"What are you doing " he ask

"Nothing just talking" I told him

"Justin may I have a favour "

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