Chapter 30

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I open my eyes to see I was in the room I woke up in when I was shot. I leaned up and saw Nikki asleep on a chair. The chair was big enough for her to lay on so she was laid down on it. She had a blanket and a pillow. I unhook the I.V that was hooked to me and got up from the table, quietly so I didn't wake Nikki. I then cracked the door and looked out to see if anyone was there. When I did there wasn't anyone there. I looked up at the clock on the wall to see it was around one in the morning. I found my clothe and phone on the counter top in my room so I got dressed and checked the date. It was July 21, on a Sunday. I been knocked out for an entire day. I stepped out of the office and down the hall and attempted to find someone yet before I could make it to the lobby I passed a room where I saw a familiar face. I knocked on the door and he shot his head up. It was T-dog. He was watching TV alone in one of the rooms. He was smoking a little and relaxing so I didn't want to startle him. He shot his head up at me. "Yo, Junior come on in here, sit and talk with me a bit." he said.

T-dog was at least in his thirties and was a fair but mean man. For being Big Tyron's number two he must have to be. I stepped in the room and took a seat on the lounge chair next to the couch which T-dog was on. He passed me a blunt and I took it. He lit it for me and a leaned back in the chair. "So what are you doing here?" I asked. 

"Well to keep you safe." he said lifting up his uzi which was still in his holster. 

"Safe from what." I said coughing on smoke.

"Brian...he's the one who put you in here is he not?" He said.

"Well yes, but I never took him as a threat." I said. 

"Well he's at home with Juana and he's probably gonna get punished." He said.

"For what?" I said.

"Damn Junior, have you forgot our rules all ready?" He began. "He broke friendly fire rule, any harm done to another Crib intentionally is punishable with whatever big Tyron decides to do with him." he said.

"Well hopefully nothing bad happens to him." I said finishing my joint. 

"Why do you care, he tried to kill you." he said.

"Well even after that, he's one of the only friends I have, plus I need to know were tight, so he doesn't blow this bank heist." I said. 

"Well I never thought of it like that." He said. A knocking on the door interrupted our conversation.

"Junior what are you doing in here." the young Crib that usually was with the doctor dude came in.

"Talking." I responded.

"Well you seem to be doing alright, lets go get you checked out and get you home." He said. I followed him back to my room where Nikki was already awake. I made my way over and greeted her while the kid got the equipment on. 

"Good morning." I said kissing her. 

"How do you feel?" Nikki said hugging me as if she hadn't seen me for years. 

"Okay, come on." the guy said doing some tests on me. After a few test he sent me on my way. Nikki grabbed her things and we both walked out of the room. T-dog was leaned against the wall and was waiting for us. He joined us to the lobby. 

"Okay thanks T-dog I think we have it from here." I said.

"Yeah...who do you think drove your ass here." he said leaving out the door where his car sat right outside the doors. 

"Yeah he picked me up after dropping you off." Nikki said. We both got in the car and he drove us to Nikki's. We both got out and he sped off. Good news is that I'll be fine and the heist will continue on as scheduled. Other thing is I have to stay with someone who can supervise me and Nikki agreed to to do it. Sure it only is for three days which is good news. And bad news is I have to put up with her bitch of a roommate. Its bad enough that she doesn't like me now, I have to put up with her for three days. Granite I'll probably be out of the house most of the time but the time I will be in the house, it will be a living hell. I stepped in the house with Nikki leading me to her room. She sat me on the bed and began to massage my shoulders. She then laid me back slowly so it wouldn't cause me pain which it did anyway, there was no avoiding the pain. She then began to crawl around the bed, massaging my chest. Right as things were starting to get interesting her bitch ass room mate busted through the door.

"Oh hell no, he is not staying here." She said with her fat ass. 

"Too late, he is." Nikki said. 

"No...he isn't!" She said.

"If you got a problem with it you can take it up with the Crib's." Nikki said.

"Or get your fat ass out." I whispered under my breath. Nikki herd me and pinched my arm. Her roommate slammed the door and left us in peace. "Damn I hate that bitch." I said sitting back up on the bed. 

"Well suffer another month, and she'll be moving out then. Nikki said. I stood up and put my jacket on. "Where are you going?" she said.

"Brian's." I said quickly and left before she could stop me. 

"Junior, dont do this!" She yelled.

"I just want to talk to him, I know what he did but I need to make sure were tight before Tyron makes his decision on the punishment." I said leaving the house with Nikki following behind me.

"Well at least let me come with you so if anything happens..." She began.

"Nothings gonna happen calm down." I said as we walked down the sidewalk. Luckily Brian didn't live to far away, so I didn't have to walk that far. I walked up to Brian's house where Juana's car was parked outside. I walked up to the door and knocked on it as Nikki stayed close to my side. She was more nervous about this than I was. Juana opened the door and was surprised to see me. She had a bruise on her cheek. When seeing that it anger filled me.

"Junior dont!" Juana said trying to prevent me from coming in.

"Where is he!" I said shoving her out the way and walking in. Brian sat on his couch but when I came in he stood up.

"Junior?" He said. He was surprised to see me too.

"What the fuck Brian, what the fuck are you thinking, why are you putting your hands on a women!" I said as Nikki comforted Juana who was crying trying to hide her face. 

" sorry." He said. I could tell he was sincere but I didn't care, I was just angry.

"Apparently putting me back in the doctors wasn't enough! After trying to stop you from hitting her, you attempt to kill me, then go and hit her again!" I said yelling. The louder I got my wound hurt a bit more but I didn't care. 

"I'm sorry!" Brian said sitting back down and began to cry. Of course at this point I would of comforted him but not this time. I walked over to him and smacked him upside his head. He looked up at me with tears falling down his eyes. I grabbed his collar of his shirt.

"You don't get to be sorry, not at something like this, your not a kid anymore, you know what the fuck you where doing when you did it." I yelled. 

"Junior..." A voice came from the door way, where Big Tyron stood with T-dog and a couple other Cribs stood behind him. "Aren't you suppose to be at Nikki's?" He said walking over to us. 

"I, I just wanted to talk with Brian, but after seeing what he did to Juana I kinda lost it." I explained. 

"Yeah, I see that." Big Tyron said. "So since I was gonna call you and ask anyway, what do you think we should do to him?"  he said. Brian sat and stared up at us.

"I need him for this heist...And I don't want him to get hurt." I said. 

"Okay...I got it, leave now." he said. I took Nikki and Juana and we walked out as T-dog shut the door behind us, I wish I could see what they were going to do to him but I guess I will have to find out.

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