Chapter 6

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Third pov
The next day Lauren and Normani decided to invite Lauren's parents over to meet Camila. They would invite Normani's parents next week so that they didnt overwhelm her with too many people at once.

"Good morning babe. You want me to go get the girls up?" Normani asked her wife who was beginning to stir awake next to her."Could you?" Lauren said."Yeah." Normani said."Thanks babe." Lauren said pecking her wife on the lips lightly.

Normani slide out her bed and walked out their bed room."Ms. Mani?" Came a small voice. Normani looked over into the room she heard the voice to find Camila sitting in the middle of the bed with her thumb in her mouth.

"Good morning baby. Did you sleep well?" Normani asked as she picked the child up. Camila laid her head down on Normani's chest and nodded. She let out a small yawn. Normani smiled at the girl.

"Where Lolo." Camila asked."She's still sleeping baby but she'll be up soon." Normani informed the 4 year old."Come on baby lets go get ready because today your gonna meet Lolo's mommy and daddy." Normani said as she carried Camila to the bathroom.

"Nice?" Camila asked."Yeah their very nice I promise. Your gonna love them. And next week your gonna meet my mommy and daddy." Normani told her.

Normani set the child to her feet in the bathroom."You need me to change your pullie?" Normani asked as she began to get the girl out of her pajamas.

Camila nodded shyly as she stared at the ground and backed away slightly from Normani. Usually when she gets herself it would result in her being hit. She was scared that Normani would lash out and hit her as well.

"Its okay baby its okay you can't help it. But look Lolo and I are gonna teach you how to use the potty like a big girl." Normani told the younger girl who looked up at her with a smile.

"I be a big girl?" Camila asked hopefully."Yeah you'll be a big girl." Normani said smiling at the girl."Now lets get you out of this wet pullie." The older woman said.

By the time Normani got Camila and herself completely ready both Dinah and Lauren were both downstairs eating breakfast."Good morning beautiful family." Normani greeted walking into the kitchen."Good morning mama good morning Cami." Dinah said.

"What took you two so long? I slept longer and still got ready before you." Lauren asked with a slight laugh."Hey it takes at lot of time to look this good. Right Camila?" Normani said flipping her hair. Camila giggled at her.

"I hate you." Lauren said rolling her eyes."You know you can't hate me." Normani said kissing the women's lips."Ew." Dinah faced causing the 2 wives to pull apart."You little blocker." Lauren said playfully pushing Dinah's head.

"Lets sit down and eat some breakfast Camz." Normani said placing the girl in her chair. She then placed a small plate of waffles in front of her.

"DJ that's enough syrup we don't need you bouncing off the walls." Lauren told her daughter who who let out a poutand put the syrup down."Lets give you some too sweetheart." Normani said pouring the syrup of her the youngest girls waffles.

The family ate their breakfast in peace. And Camila being practically a toddler had gotten syrup all over her face, hands, clothes, and even her hair."I guess all that syrup wasn't the best idea." Lauren said laughing at how the child was sticking her whole hand in the syrup then licking it off.

"You're right. And you're gonna be the one cleaning her up." Normani said as she took her plate to the sink. Lauren rolled her eyes at her wife.

"You love making my life hard don't you?" Lauren asked the small girl jokingly as she kissed her syrup cover cheek. Camila giggled at her."Come on lets go get you cleaned up." Lauren said picking Camila up carefully so that she wouldn't get syrup all over her.

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