chapter 9

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A few months later

It was a few months passed after the hand-holding incidents between you and Adrien. You don't want to make an assumption, but you can't help but be suspicious of his actions, making you process a thought in your mind.

Does he have a... crush--

No! You slapped yourself in the face very hard. Good thing Alya was in the kitchen, probably preparing snacks. Don't even go there, Y/N L/N. He doesn't like you.

You sighed deeply before standing up and deciding to help your best friend. "Hey, Alya," you voiced out. "Need any help over there?"

"Nah, it's fine," she replied instantly. "Just pick the movie were gonna watch."

You headed towards the floor before the TV. It was filled with numerous DVDs and CDs. Your hands skimmed over the covers of each movies, mostly romance. You shook at your best friend's choice of genre. After a minute, you had no choice but to pick (decent romance movie). You really have no choice but to pick the most normal out of all the DVDs.

Finally, Alya entered the room with a tray full of plates and cups. You stood up and helped her carry it to the table. The blogger muttered her gratitude before taking her seat. You inserted the CD inside the player and pressed start.

"So, what did you pick?"

You shrugged. "(movie)." You took the bowl of popcorn from her and started munching.

All through the movie, you and your best friend made some comments about the clichès and plotholes of the film. You even nitpicked the male protagonist, saying that 'he wasn't hot enough to be in the movie'. Alya rolled her eyes at the comment, but laughed along with it.

The movie finished with a kiss, just as you had expected. The credits rolled up the screen. You sighed as you tried to fix your hair.

"Y/N~" Alya dragged your name, making your head turn to her. You raised an eyebrow. "What's upppp, girl? Tell me the juicy deets!"

You were confused. "About what?"

"About you and Adrien! Don't think I didn't see those sneaky winks and intertwining of hands!"

"Alya, please. It's not real! It's not like... we're dating-- we... we're just friends!"

"Doesn't look like it!" Your friend objected. "Y/N, he likes you!!"

"I don't know," you stared at the wall weirdly and shrugged. "Does he, though? How will I know?"

Alya smiled at your direction. "Ask him."

You immediately interjected her idea. "No, no, no! That's a bad idea." She shrugged nonchalantly. You sighed. "What ever it is you're thinking, you better stop it. I don't have a crush on him. I confirmed it myself. I. Don't. Have. A. Crush. On. Adrien. Agreste." You flailed your arms around Alya's face, pretending to fight her.

She chuckled. "Okay, okay. Calm down, Y/N. I'm not forcing you to marry him or something, sheesh."

You groaned, sitting up. "I'm going home." You stood up from your position and stretched a bit, your shirt slightly going up. You sighed in relief and fixed the cloth.

Alya giggled again. "Sure, girl. See ya tomorrow!"


The next days, you noticed that Adrien's sudden ministrations suddenly-- stopped. You didn't know why, but it's kinda weird not being greeted with a ruffle on the hair or shaking of the shoulders whenever you two meet.

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