Chapter 47 : Bar Fights

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Humiliation seethes between my bones causing them to ache as I cringe whilst I hurriedly put on some new clothes. I didn't quite know what Harry's mother has planned for us tonight, but I refuse to walk out this soldiery space in the same fishnet tights Harry's younger brother saw me getting fucked in.

In a matters timed Harry walks out the bathroom attached to our guest bedroom we currently took refuge in dressed to perfection. He wore a wine red button down shirt tucked into his black jeans and shiny black oxfords. His unruly curly hair is run back with water and the slightest amount of gel and I couldn't think of a more attractive hairstyle on him, so attractive that I debated on risking us getting caught by another one of his family members.

"I'm really hoping Hayden does something ruthless that'll make mother have a change of heart and send him back to whatever shìt-hole he came out of." Harry seethes placidly as I watch him approaching me from behind from the mirror I stand in front of whilst brushing through my wavy hair.

I watch from the reflection as he folds up the sleeves of his dress shirt up to his elbows, his brows furrowed in concentration and I notice him holding a dainty piece of jewelry in just three fingers. "I wouldn't want him gawking at us with that wretched smirk of his." He continues before looking up at me through the mirror.

"That was really embarrassing." I confess, cringing at the memory.

Harry walks closer to me then sensually snakes his hands around my waist and gradually his entire arms, bringing our warm bodies so close it creates a catastrophic heat. I couldn't help but smile and lean my head back into his chest at the loving action. He tenderly plants loving kisses onto my exposed neck before carefully twirling me around to face him.

"Here," he says as he casually shows off the dainty Swarovski diamond bracelet in his hand and grabs my right wrist with his spare hand, putting it on me with ease. "I was planning on giving it to you the day before we went back home, but I think you deserve it after that uncalled for fiasco. Plus, I know you'd look lovely with it on tonight." He tells me sweetly.

Surely such a fancy piece of jewelry couldn't look right with my casual attire, but I wasn't about to take it off either. Instead I leaned in and gave my boyfriend a loving kiss on the lips.

"Thank you."

This gift was so unexpected and without any occasion, I'm only meeting his entire family but I didn't think this called for a gift. Nevertheless, I wore the sparkling bracelet with much gratitude.

Harry and I cautiously walked out the bedroom hand in hand and made it to the main floor of the luxurious penthouse where everyone including Harry's grandmother was waiting for our arrival. We were still missing Hayden and Hailey, though.

"Harry, dear, how long has it been since you went to get a trim." Harry's mother teases as she approaches him to push a strand of his curly hair behind his ear.

"Who else are we waiting for?" Harry asks a inquiry of his own, dismissing his mothers question completely. "Where are we going anyway?"

"Your brother and sister of course." His mother says in an obvious tone and takes a step back from her son, standing promptly in black stilettos. "Nana is going to stay back and take care of your nephews. We're going to a place nana doesn't quite enjoy and where kids are most certainly not allowed." She informs.

"Where are we going?" A voice suddenly booms from another area in the room.

Not even a full minutes passed as Hayden came trudging down the stairs with a big mocking smile and stands next to his older brother. Harry takes a step away from him in sheer disapproval that his younger brother had the nerve to try and make a mockery of the evident fact that Harry wishes not to even be in the same proximity as him. But why, why the hostility? Gosh, this curiosity was killing me. I want to respect Harry's personal privacy, but I couldn't help but feel sort of left out of such an important thing.

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