1 ~ Study

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i know all of the results and exams and blah blah blah are all weird and not right, it's like a mash up of all high school college and uni, it doesn't matter that much but ppl are getting vexed lol, anyway enjoy xxxx

The ring fit perfectly around Louis' finger on his left hand. Absolutely perfectly.

"I'm telling you! Before would be better, it will be less stressful so we can just take it easy with graduation and not be getting worried about having to plan for the wedding," Harry whinged. Pouting and crossing his arms while his head was in Louis' lap.

"No! Just listen to me! If we graduate first, it's only in a few months, we can have the wedding after and then we won't even have to come back to school. We will have our year off, get settled down, and then go to University." Louis barked back as he sprang one of Harry's curls around his index finger.

"B-But," He huffed and finally surrendered, agreeing with Louis. "Fine, but it needs to hurry up," Harry sat up and turned around to face him, "I hate not being married to you, it's driving me crazy." Smirking, he leaning in for a kiss. Louis stood up quickly, making Harry fall forward and into the grass, getting a mouth full of daisies.

"Come on we need to study... well I need to." Taking Louis' hand, Harry got dragged up and spat all of the tiny petals out of his mouth. "So do I!" Louis rolled his eyes and started walking off down the river to where the blue mustang was parked. "Obviously! Because I'm sure that not even one animal has photographic memory. That's definitely not the reason for you finding it so easy." He muttered, sarcastically. Harry had vanished when Louis turned his head back around, suddenly finding him with glowing red eyes right in front of him.

"Oo look at them!" Louis stepped back and put his hands up in defense, "scary." Harry rolled his eyes and set them back to their original colour. "Shut up." He grumbled as he retrieved the car keys from the inside pocket of his jacket. The car lights flashed and both boys got in, driving away from the woods and back to Louis' house.

"Hey mum!" Jay shouted back before both boys trailed up the stairs and into Louis' room. The book covered floor made it difficult for both of them to even sit. "Chemistry's in that corner, maths here, my art research is over there and my English lit' studies are at the bottom of the bed-"

Harry was stood gobsmacked at the horrific mess that scattered across the bedroom, "thats a lot of books," He chuckled as he watched Louis knock over numerous piles of notes and essays. "Sorry that I can't pick up things like you can, I am just a human after all." Harry rolled his eyes yet again at Louis' quick remark.

"I'm sure you'll do fine Lou don't worry, get a good night sleep and just chill out. I'll be here to pick you up in the morning, and you will head into your exams fully confident and then pass them. Simple." Louis fiddled with a broken book spine, pealing off the rotting leather as Harry bent down, pushing his fringe away and kissing his forehead lightly.

"Text me," he got back up and made his way out of the assault course, "I love you," Louis looked up and smiled. "I love you too." Harry nodded and left down the corridor, saying goodbye to Jay and then finally leaving.


"You ready?" Louis closed the door of the car with several study books in his hands, sticky notes pointing out of each side. He didn't answer. "Lou?" Harry looked over and noticed his knees and hands shaking, muttering to himself different science formulas. He lent across and took his hand, releasing Louis from his trance. The grip he had on the books loosened as he looked over to Harry worryingly. "You'll do fine babe, don't worry."

"Stop thinking you can't do it! Believe in yourself Louis, you're one of the smartest in the year, never mind in class. You'll do great." He breathed in slowly and squeezed Harry's hand back. "Thank you, I'm sure you will too."

The boys turned into school and noticed Luke and Ariel stood at the gates, they waved as Harry parked in the nearest space. "Ready for the big test Lou?" Harry got out quickly and shook his head, making hand gestures to not bring it up. Louis just looked down at his feet and didn't answer, Ariel understood. "Worried?" He nodded and looked back up, "terrified," swinging her arm around Louis, the both of them chuckled and walked into the school gates as Luke and Harry chatted behind them.


"Have you got a pen?"
Louis nodded,
"Do you have another incase it runs out?" Louis nodded,
"A ruler? A pencil? Rubber?"
Louis nodded.

Harry hugged him and kissed him on the forehead before prizing his note book out of his hands. Louis went with the rest of his class and lined up to give his phone in, making sure no one was going to cheat. "Good luck!" He turned and smiled at Harry, entering the room that he was going to stay in for 2 hours to complete his science exam. The last one he had left.

"You'll be fine."


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