Chapter 8: "Revision"

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da da da dAAA i'm going to try and write the 8th chapter immediately while I still have motivation.

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Three of us.

"Aah, it's a pretty hot day.. Some ice cream would be great!" spoke the blue-haired boy, looking around for any signs of ice cream trucks. I flashed my usual, sweet smile at him before looking back to the road. Planned on bringing them to this small cafe I used to go when I was in grade school and.. confessing to them.. about what's my deal.

My feet stopped in front of the glass door. "Here we are!" I cheered while entering, followed by the two. The air conditioning immediately kicks in, bathing our skin with relieving coolness. My favorite place to just go to when I need comfort snacks-- been here so often that the waiters know my favorite table! Just right beside the huge glass windows with decorative texts and stuff.

I thought it was a good start until a waiter came saying:

"Bringing some friends with you today, (name)?"

Well, there goes, goodbye my secret identity.

Rest in peace.

Why didn't I consider this possibility before? Now I have to act weirdly cute in front of this all-too-familiar waiter who'll just get lost in confusion as to what's happening. 

"E-Eh, d-don't call me by that name, Takane-san!" I whipped the words quickly, "Umm, y-yeah, my friends from school! I'll take the usual seat please!!"

I figured that this could turn out to be a disaster after all.. Ah, I intended to rip my cover to these two sooner or later anyways, so I guess I'll just start it now.. 

As we sat down, "Ne, Nagisa-kun.." as I took a deep breath, "My real name.. isn't Arisawa Yukari,"

His face looked like he didn't know what to respond. If I were him, I'd feel the same, too.

"Then..?" "It's (full name)! That's why that waiter called her that earlier," Karma grinned, showing off his info treasure. "She's not who you think she is, and she didn't tell much to me, but I suppose you are going to spill the beans in today's hang-out, miss (name)?" ..he's already read my mind, crap. He's really going to be a lot of trouble.



10 minutes in, haven't spilled anything yet. Our orders arrived, and I'm not even gonna bother checking out what the two got for themselves. Too busy mind-planning on how I'm going to tell them.

"I knew something was off.. Could you start from how you were in our classroom's ceiling?" Nagisa asked. I guess that's a nice place to start. I complied. "Well.."

The two guys stared at me with anticipation. I gave another sigh before officially revealing myself.

"I'm the chairman's.. pawn. I'm tasked to supervise your class secretly and report it back to him."

~ That day.. ~

"It seems that the class have improved a little today.. I'd like to have a closer look at the monster teacher though," said my thoughts, quietly. I've never really focused that much on him, since I'm mostly just reporting about the students. 

I'm a student in Kunugigaoka.. Or at least, used to be. Grades? Average. B-class. The chairman planned on moving me to A-class by the new school year, but once there was that octopus who destroyed the moon, I was assigned to keep my eyes on the class that thing's teaching. Reason why the chairman chose me? I knew about this case while it's kept a secret among others. A relative who works in the Ministry of Defense told me about it.

Ever since, I quit school and ended up watching this classroom, day after day, writing reports about each student. However today, I want to focus more on the alien given the name of "Koro-sensei"... And so, I crawled forwards to take a look.

Little did I know that part of ceiling was more fragile.

I cracked the tip of it. Well.. shoot.

Tried to crawl back to my original spot, however-- 




"And.. that was what happened,"

Well, that was easier than I thought. Maybe 'cause I don't give a care anymore at this point.

"Basically a spy?" "Yeah.." "Well, I think that's--"

"Well well well, things are starting to get more interesting over here, isn't it?" Karma cut him off. "Now, then, having your secret spilled like this, what are you going to do?" he smirked.

I fixed my sight on my cheesecake, perfectly untouched. "I beg the two of you to not tell anyone else about this," I felt almost completely defeated. The only thing I can do is hope they don't.. otherwise, I'm going to be dead meat.

Nagisa smiled at me. "We can, but will you cooperate with us?"

"What.. do you mean?"

"Come with us.. and be a member of E-class! Not just a spy taking the role of a student. But a friend of us, the E-class, together. Leaving your job as a spy!" he gave me an encouraging smile. It was one that wavered me. Sorry, sorry Nagisa, sorry E-class... "..yeah! Of course!"

But I can't.


"This is enough, I'll walk the rest on my own," I said, waving Karma who decided to walk me home away. Except.. "What do you mean? I'm staying the night~" ...what? "Again?" "What's with that 'again'? That's like calling your dear friend a hassle, you know," he grinned again. You know what, I'm done with his shit, I'll just let him stay and things will go good.

"Do whatever you want.."

~in the morning..~

I ended up staying pretty late at night talking to him. Maybe it's not bad to have him stay after all. The mansion feels a little more lively than usual. We weren't really talking about anything important, but I enjoyed talking to him so much that I didn't realize we stayed past midnight. I guess he does have a charm somewhat...

...ah, I have to prepare for class tomorrow. It's another day on supervision, huh.


The chapters are getting shorter and shorter asdfghjkl but I hope you guys can tolerate me!! I've started to develop the plot and possibilities. 

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