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Pen Your Pride

Imagine You're Pregnant

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Harry: Harry had just gotten back from tour and you guys, uh, celebrated. Nearly a week later, you wake up and are puking. He comes in and holds your hair. "Harry, go. This is gross." You tell him. "No, it's not." He says. When you're all finished, you go to the calendar. "Oh shit.." You mumble. "What's wrong?" He asks. "I'm nearly 2 weeks late," You tell him, "Harry, I could be pregnant." "Let's not jump to conclusions. Just go take a test." He says. You nod and go into the bathroom. Your mom had given you some a long time ago (let's not go into detail of why..) so you take it. It says to wait to 5 minutes so you just sit there. "Harry!" You yell when the time is up. "What? What does it say?" He asks. "I'm pregnant!" You exclaim. "That's great!" He exclaims too. He grabs you and hugs you.

Louis: You had known you were pregnant for a week almost, you were just too nervous to tell him. Today, you were gonna suprise him with the news. While he was at the studio, you were busy cooking up all his favourite meals. You made macaroni and cheese and for dessert you made a chocolate cake. You set the table up with candles and the food. You feel the sudden urge to puke, so you run to the nearest thing, which happens to be the kitchen sink. You hear Louis come home and he immediatly runs over to you. "What's all this?" He asks. "I wanted to tell you some special news, but I can't now." You say, groaning. "What's the news?" He asks. "I'm pregnant!" You tell him. He smiles and when your finished, he hugs you and spins you around.

Niall: You had been really late on your period. Your mind was racing so even though Niall wasn't home, you took a test. You got the results and you started to cry. You threw the test in the garbage, on the very top, and went to bed. You woke up to hear Niall in the bathroom. You sat up and saw him with the test. "(Y/N)!? When were you gonna tell me I was gonna be a daddy!?" He shouted. You ran into the bathroom and he dropped the test to hug you. He hugged you tightly, obviously excited. "This is great." He whispers into your ear.

Zayn: You and Zayn were watching a movie at his place. You guys were eating popcorn and sweets, so when you had to puke you just figured you ate too much. A week later, you were writing your work dates on your calendar and you saw you were nearly 2 weeks late. You were so scared and you called Zayn. "Zayn! Can you come over? I think I might, pregnant." You tell him. "I'll be right over!" He says. He comes 10 minutes later with 2 tests. You take them both and you have to wait 5 minutes. Zayn was holding you the entire. Your phone finally went off, indicating it was time to see the results. "Babe? What does it say?" He asks as he walk into the bathroom. "It's says positive! Zayn, I'm pregnant!" You exclaim. He smiles and kisses you and hugs you. He was so excited to be a daddy.

Liam: He was doing a twitcam with you. You knew you were pregnant for a week now but you never told Liam. You thought it would be a good time to tell him and the fans could know too. "Liam? I have to tell you something.." You say. "What is it, love?" He replies. You sigh and look at the comments. "I'm pregnant." You say. "Seriously!?" He exclaims and hugs you. "Did you guys hear that? My beautiful girlfriend is going to have a baby! My baby! I'm a daddy!" He smiles. The fans gave you a bit of hate, but you didn't care.

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