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Q.Can we write in any language?

A.Entries must be written in English as we have no other language capabilities. However, should you wish to write in a language other than English and submit an English translation, you are free to do so.

Q.I am from outside of the USA, can I still participate?

A.This contest is open to everyone, everywhere in the world. Even Antarctica.

Q.Where are the other prompts?

A.The idea behind Aim to Engage 2019 is that each day, two new chapters will be posted. Additional prompts will be revealed as the event progresses.

Q.Do I have to follow these prompts? Or can I write my own story?

A.It's your story and you should therefore feel free to write it as you wish. If it's clear to those judging the story does not follow the prompt for which you submit it, it will not be considered eligible for judging.

Q.I have a story written already, can I submit that?

A.No. Stories must be written for this contest alone.

Q.Does it have to be a single chapter reaching 500 words?

A.Yes, it does.

Q.What if my story turns out to be more than 500 words long?

A.It's your story and you should therefore make it as long or otherwise as you see fit. However, stories over 500 words will not be eligible for judging and will not be considered for the anthology.

Q.My story is less than 500 words in length. Is that OK?

A.Stories under 500 words will be considered, yes.

Q.What happens if I win?

A.Winning stories, as judged by a team of Ambassadors, will be given the opportunity to feature in the Aim to Engage 2019 Anthology on the WattpadAnthologies profile.

Q.I don't want my story featured in the anthology. Can I write for a prompt anyway?

A.Yes, of course. Make a note to that effect when you paste the link to your story into the comments section.

Q.Should I add a specific #tag to my stories?

A.This is not mandatory and will not make any difference to whether or not a given story features in the anthology, but should you wish to do so feel free to add the hashtag #AimToEngage2019 to stories submitted for any of the given prompts.

Q.How long do I have to write?

A.Regardless of the prompt(s) you are writing for, submissions should be complete by December 31st 2019. All prompts will remain open until that date.

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