A Wannabe Assassin: Chapter 1

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"Before you join us, we have a simple test. We need one kill as proof that you can do the job, and not get us in trouble. Body identification, and weapon proof is all we need." the agent said.


"Yes sir," Joey said.


"You have one week to complete the test. Any longer, and you are disqualified. Also, you'll be paid $3000 when you get the job."

Joey Millers panicked. He knew nothing about killing. The only sharp object he had in his house was a blunt knife and he couldn't even cut vegetables with it properly. And the old man had given him a huge responsibility.

Did he really want this job? He wasn't so sure. He was desperate. But not so desperate.

Okay so he was desperate. The house owner had come to his house and demanded that he pay back his six month rent in one week, or he would be forced to move out. He laughed bitterly at the memory. It was something he replayed over and over again. Each time, hatred oozed out of him.

Joey would have gladly moved out. His house was so small and stuffy. It had only one bedroom, and a tiny living room, and an even tinier kitchen.

But there was one problem. He had zero money on him.



His grandmother was supplying money for his food. Even she threatened to cut him off if he didn't get a decent job soon enough.

Would she approve of him being an assassin? He didn't think so, but they said they would pay decently. He wouldn't need money from his ninety year old grams if he got the job.

Trying to calm himself down, he sat down, turned on the television.

"No, don't do this. I can't, I wont, " Sidney Prescott sobbed.

The window smashes.

Joey covered his face when the guy kill hers. It was just too gruesome to see. He turned off the television and stared at the flyer again.

Joey Millers, I'm a friend of your grandmother's. She has asked me to look out for you, and looking out for you I am. I've kept track of all your activities, and I should say I'm very disappointed in you. Anyway, I'm only doing all this, because I'm head over heels in love with that woman.

Only for you, I've pulled some strings, and got you an agency to apply for. It's a very reputed agency, and the qualifying tests are so difficult, but I managed to get you a personalized test. Between you and me, when your grandmother asked me if I could help you get a job, I don't think she meant this.

Please don't mess this up. Your life depends on it, and your grandmother was absolutely stubborn about you making it on your own. Don't think you can go to her for shelter. Her guest room is currently occupied by, cough, cough, me. Call this number. You wont regret it.

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