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Taylor's pov ;

I dozed off starring at Tracy as mr Johnson talked. "Taylor, mr Johnson called I ignored him as my eyes wandered on Tracy's body "Taylor Lopez, mr Johnson called. He walked over to my desk slamming his hand down on it shaking me out of my daze "Pay attention please, mr Johnson said "yes sir, I said. Tracy started to giggle at me as mr Johnson walked away to his desk "aye guys guess the dyke don't wanna pay attention, a jock said "mr Calvin that's enough, mr Johnson said. I put my head down in shame as some of the kids laughed at his joke "that's not funny you guys are just full of shit, Tracy said "ms Jackson, mr Johnson said "I'm sorry teach but bullying is not funny, Tracy said "whatever princess, the jock said. Tracy rolled her eyes as she rubbed my back trying to make me feel better; I little smile appeared on my face because she stood up for me.

The bell rung during mr Johnson lesson I gathered my stuff together "Class we have homework it's online, mr Johnson said. I rolled my eyes leaving out of class behind the rest of the class; I rushed off to my other class trying to avoid everybody until I was stopped by jordan. I threw my head back as I smacked my lips "what is it jordan, I asked "yooo it's two twins that go here, jordan said "yes I know both of them are in my class, I said "I got dibs, jordan joked "no jordan, I said walking away. I finally made it down to class as I was walked into the class I felt a paper ball hit my head. I rolled my eyes and kept walking until I felt another one hit me I started to get irritated again; I sat down at my desk and got myself situated as the teacher came in. I felt somebody throw another paper ball at me as I turned around to see it being Tracy; a smile grew upon my face as she waved at me I waved back and she started to blush. She got up from her seat and came to sit with me "you thought I was somebody else, Tracy asked "I mean like yeah, I said "naw i don't believe in judging people because their sexuality, Tracy said. I felt my stomach get bubbly and my heart warm I just love the way Tracy talks to me she makes me feel welcomed and wanted. "Taylor, Tracy said "oh yes, I said snapping out my daze "I've been calling your name for like five mins, Tracy chuckled "oh I'm sorry I zoned out for a second, I said "it's Okay the teachers coming, Tracy said

The teacher came from the back room with a stack of papers in his hands. The class smacked their lips as they rolled their eyes at him "today class I will be passing back work and study notes, the teacher said. He started from the front row making his way up towards mines; my heart started to pound as he got closer to me. He sat three papers of mines down on the desk smiling at me; I flipped them all over and seen all A+'s. I sighed out of relief pretending to wipe sweat from my forehead chuckling; Tracy laid her hand on my shoulder laughing with me. I stopped laughing as my heart dropped "you okay, Tracy asked "yes I'm fine, I smiled "just making sure, Tracy said. The bell rung as the teacher continued handing out papers; I grabbed my things getting up out my seat. I followed out behind Tracy and everybody else into the hallway; I sped walk past everybody making it into the cafeteria. I went through the line grabbing me a sandwich and a bag of chips.

I walked over to my table pulling out a chair sitting down. I got myself situated and started to eat my sandwich and sip on my juice until I was interrupted by somebody pulling the chair out next to me. I looked up to see Tracy with the biggest smile on her face holding her tray "may I seat here, Tracy asked "yeah sure free country, I said "thanks, Tracy smiled. She sat her tray down sitting down in the chair scooting herself in; we ate our food until jordan came over there slamming her tray down as she sat down. "What's up sis, jordan said "sis?, Tracy said "yes this is my sister jordan, I said "what's up ma', jordan said "hi, Tracy said "do you mind jordan, I said rolling my eyes "oh oh yeah yeah I'll get going, jordan said. She grabbed her food and left from the table; ugh she gets on my nervous why she so damn embarrassing. I rolled my eyes to my Thought and continued to eat my food "so tell me about yourself, Tracy said "well I have a sister which is jordan uhhh my mom is a nurse so she works night shifts so it be just us uhhh and my father disowned me because he found out I was gay and not straight like his other kids, I explained "are you serious, Tracy asked "yeah that's why Calvin said that earlier, I said "your dad was wrong for doing that theirs nothing wrong with your sexuality, Tracy said "yeah I been trying to myself that all these years so unlike jordan she's bi so my dad sorta likes her, i said "you could never tell nobody's sexuality, Tracy said "yeah Calvin is actually my brother on my dad side that's why he hates me because I'm not a quote on quote hot sister or a straight sister, I said "don't worry about them I'm your friend that all what matters, Tracy said "thanks Tracy, I smiled

The lunch bell rang dismissing us; I grabbed my trash and threw it away leaving out. I looked around for Tracy and seen her going into the girls bathroom; I decided to just leave her alone and go straight to class.

Author Message : Mature Audience Only Contains Sexual Contact And Strong Language

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