Chapter Twenty Three - Watching Eyes

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Immediately entering the ship they search her for weapons. A tall slender women places a hovering device over her head that shines a light over her body, scanning for any hidden chips, tracking devices, or weapons on her body. To their dismay they found nothing more than her knife, not even detecting her contact lenses.

They'd taken her knife, sitting her down along metal benches that line the ship carrier, cuffing her in electric metal cuffs, removing her other ones. She's seen these type of cuffs a few times on prisoners. If the prisoners tried to struggle out of them they would be electrocuted. She isn't in the mood to be electrocuted unless she could find a way to escape, but escaping is too dangerous. She would need to wait weeks, or months to try and escape on her own. Right now, it is too risky. Zaloy's trackers would locate them through her. The trackers could use the veracity injection on her, and she would have no control what she tells them. She would tell them the truth, all of it, and she would lead her friends to their death. She cannot allow that, so she will do whatever it takes to protect them. She will do anything before they use that injection on her. If that means she cannot struggle, look weak, she will.

Looking around the ship, officers stand around their station. The officers hold onto handles, some are strapped in, and others communicate into their ear pieces. To the right a large staircase leads to the second floor of the ship. That is where the navigators are. They wouldn't dare put me on the same ship as Zaloy until we are placed on a larger ship. All officers knew what she's capable of, and so did Zaloy. She must be more of a danger to Zaloy than she thought she was that Zaloy wouldn't be up for the risk of being on the same small ship as her.

Breaking through the atmosphere, the ship hardly shakes. Some officers whisper and glance her way. She ignores them shifting in her seat. The cuffs shock her a little and she bites her lip from the sting. She's gotten use to the tight hold the cuffs had on her, but she could feel the shock trail all the way to her heart.

"Officer Biyn, loosen those cuffs." An officer around in his early thirties voiced. He stares at Officer Biyn, glancing at her for only a moment. He has his one hand leaning on the shelves above him, his body relaxed, standing beside a few other officers. They were a few feet to the front right of her.

"My orders are to keep those cuffs on tight." Officer Biyn responds standing his ground, shifting his weight to stand a little taller. Officer Biyn is one of the two officers in charge to supervise her. The other officer to her right is muscular than the others, and his glare gave her the chills. He kept quiet with his weapon rested in his arms.

"Your orders are also to cause no harm to the prisoner, if the cuffs shock her every time she moves just slightly her heart will fail from all the shocks rushing to her heart, possibly resulting in death. You wouldn't want to be held accountable for her death, would you, when you know how important she is for Commander Zaloy?" The officer steps forward, not afraid of a possible fight.

Officer Biyn looks to him, wincing his eyes, and glancing at the other officers. They have all gown quiet to watch him. He straps his weapon on his back, lowering himself to her. His black eyes rest on her eyes, while he loosens the cuffs just enough for her to be able to move her hands around slightly without being shocked. He then gets back up and faces the officer.

"Anything else, Officer Dermont?"

Officer Dermont doesn't respond, rather he looks to her, studding her face. Dermont. I've heard that name, somewhere. If only she could get his first name. She stared back expressionless, giving him no way to read what she's feeling, but she is afraid he could read her eyes all too well. "No," he responds, looking to Officer Biyn one last time and then starts conversation with the officer he was speaking to before.

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