Truth or dare /part 1

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3ed per pov

After bts finally sat down they forced manger pd-nim to film them ,because they don't have the staff and didn't know where to put the cam -poor manager pd-nim -

Most of bts were thinking of a way to tease jimin or embarrass him ,only few were thinking of normal questions just to get to know him , any how ,jimin was sitting there afraid that they would dig to deep and reopen some old scars ,he didn't want them to see the miserable him yet it would be to awkward he's not THAT close to any of them yet ,at least that's what jimin thought the others were ready to protect their precious jimin with their lives ,it's not that jimin didn't want to befriend them actually he already thought of them as his brothers it's just that he didn't won't to trouble them with his problems and he absolutely didn't the the whole word to know these problems either ,so there you have it jimins logic .

Chims pov

I sat on a very comfy soft fluffy pillow

That had a cute pink color ,I guessed it was Jins ,well I'll make sure to steal it after we get really close ,now you may think why the hell would that matter right now well the answer is it actually doesn't matter it just distracts me from my nervousness ,oh god I'm so nervous to the point of talking to no one !!!, I can hear all bts introducing them selves and greeting the army member after member they all speak casually obviously used to it ,as i said all except me I look at the cam fidget in my place and wave my hands a little

"hi 'am jimin your gonna see me more often with these guys ,because I'm goona be joinin bts ,I hope I don't let you down "I finish introducing my self , I can see hoseok hyung frowning at me I tilt my head in a questioning manner he stops frowning and smiles at me ,"jimin-ah you don't have to be nervous ,I mean literally you're so nervous that you actually introduced your self formally ,if you ask that way to formal to our army" he says and I can't help but blush ,I guess I'm not that good at hiding things .

Still chim's pov

After jin explained what we're playing to the army RM insisted that he start first and then looks at me with an evil glint in his eyes ,'this can't be good 'I thought to my self ,"I will ask jimin so jimin-ah truth or dare "he says smirking ,'again this can't be good 'i say ,well here goes nothin ,"dare" he stares for a sec and then smirks "I dare you to do a split !!"he says ,I look at him and then giggle it's soooo funny how he thought that would be hard for me , I casually change my position so I can spread my legs as much as I can and do a perfect split ,

as I spread my legs one behind me the other in front and lower my body slowly ,i look at their faces the lower I get the more their jaws drop and I can't be more greatful that someone is filming this,because after this I'll defiantly be searching for a video or a gif .

After I did my amazing split I quickly got up to my feet"well ,that was easy it's my turn to ask someone right?" I say smirking they nod and I try to think of a good question to the person sitting to my right because I didn't know who to ask so I decided to ask the person who is sitting to my right which was yoongi and I'm like 100% sure he's gonna chose truth being the lazy hyung he is ,and my mind is blank ,oh god I've never been good in this game I always have a hard time coming up with question till suddenly and idea poped into my head ,I hope yoongi won't hate me after this I thought giggling to my self ,they look at me curiously so I just turn to yoongi and open my mouth

"truth or dare hyung?" I say ,he looks at me and answers in a bored tone "truth" ,I giggle again he looks at me and frowns "s-sorry hyung it's just y-you're so predictable "I say ,they look stuned for a second but burst out laughing except for yoongi who Is slightly embarrassed not that he'll ever admit it ,"ok ok enough let hear what chim is going to ask yoongi "jin said turning everyone's attention to me to hear my question I smirk at yoongi before I open my mouth "ok hyung the question do you have a boxer with drawings of kumamons all over it ?"

taehyung and jungkook chock on the chips they were eating while namjoon and jin are sitting there stunned not expecting that kinda question and then there is hoseok who can barely hold back his laughter and yoongi is let's just say that he is staring at me with a slight barely noticeable blush on his cheeks "y-yeah ,yes I guess I have a few"yoongi said trying to keep his swag together ,and just as he said that I burst out laughing so did the others ,to think that the all mighty yoongi has kumamon pants is just hilarious ,

"OK enough "yoongi says embarrassed and slightly annoyed and I feel kind of guilty so I grab his hand and look him in the eye with my cutest mochi mode on "myanea yooni hyung I didn't mean to make you mad!"I say

"OK enough "yoongi says embarrassed and slightly annoyed and I feel kind of guilty so I grab his hand and look him in the eye with my cutest mochi mode on "myanea yooni hyung I didn't mean to make you mad!"I say

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he stares for a sec then sighes and ruffles my hear saying its ok and I'm too cute for my own good I smile proud of my achievement which is softening the one and only min yoongi .

Yoongi pov

As jimin was doing a vectory dance mentally thinking I didn't know what he was thinking I smirked thinking of a way to embarrass him to no end as revenge and that is by exposing one of his secrets that I and jin have noticed when we were helping him with the bags .

Chim's pov

as I was doing a victory dance mentally I see yoongi smirking "so jimin truth or dare "he asks still smirking ,"um truth "

"are you a little?"yoongi asks bluntly , 'a little what's that ?is the sentence finished ?!!' ,"a little?" I ask hoping that it means some thing that is not embarrassing ,I look around and every one except for jin and yoongi also look as confused as I am ,"so wait really don't know what a little is even though you're a little your self?"

,'I am a little and he knows I'm a little and he still asks then it's obviously something embarrassing ,"I don't know what a little is ,w-what is it " i say looking at jin who I'm pretty sure knows what a little means ,"ah well a little is a person who starts to act childish and like coloring ,stuffies ,pacifiers and such when they are stressed "jin says,I do like coloring and cuddling with my plushy when I'm having a bad day cause it's a huge stress reliever ,I look up at yoongi and say

" I guess?"

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