A bit about Evarína

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Ok I'm going to tell you a bit of background about the main character. I'm to lazy to find a good way to incorporate all this info so here you go. First of all her name is Evarína which means star in the ancient language. Her rider chose that name because she has black star shaped scales on her snout. Mentally she is 101 years old, but is physically only 1.  In size she is a bit smaller than Saphira. She was captured by Galbatorix after her rider died during the fall of the riders., which was showed is chapter two. Galbatorix tried to make her going his side by torturing her body and mind. He was unsuccessful because she is 100% loyal to her rider. She was trained by Glaedr and Oromis, which will be included in the story. The reason she is so small is that Galbatorix wanted to keep her easily contained so her cast a spell that stopped her growth. Personality wise she is very very cautious about who she trusts, she quickly jumps to conclusions, and is always worried that people will double cross her. She loves nature, especially water. Like Saphira she is a bit vain about appearance, but not as much as Saphira. She is mostly recovered from her riders death because it was a century ago, but gets extremely upset if anyone mentions her rider, Kinara. So that's most of what you need to know. Here is a picture of her that I drew, it's of when she was first imprisioned by Galbatorix. If anyone has and questions feel free to ask.

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