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Sonora's pulse raced.

How could there be so many lights? Is this a science compound? Is he a scientist? Why would he be a kidnapping scientist?

A million things had gone through Sonora's mind as she had been dragged from her side of the ocean to his. She didn't know what she had expected but she knew it hadn't been this. As they moved closer, she pushed away from him and moved forward on the bike. 

It looked like a snow globe. A delicate latticework grid surrounded and covered the buildings in the shape of an enormous half-bubble. Where the lights hit the grid, it sparkled like gold. Water easily passed through it, as if the divider was not there at all.

They passed through a filigree gate so fine Sonora wondered how it stood. Yet, it took two strong men to open it. The metal weaved through the gate created a vine pattern that shone silver and held stones throughout it of various colors. And because the scene was so surreal, it wouldn't have been surprising if they were actual gems.

Several tall towers stood sentry over the town, with the tallest standing in the center. Around it, buildings tall and short, square and round could be seen, sitting hodgepodge, side by side, but all seemed to go together seamlessly. The buildings were the colors of the sea. As the water moved around them, they seemed to sometimes disappear and reappear.

There was an old world feel to the town, like a colorful, historic European city lost in the sea. It somehow seemed both intensely sturdy and delicate at the same time. It was reminiscent of old world England or France, yet had a unique look of its own. 

Whether one would call it a large town or a small city made no difference to Sonora as she leaned forward over the bike's handlebars to take it all in. Her eyes sparkled as she traced the upsidedown waterfalls of small bubbles that raced out of the homes, upward, only to escape and drift around the enclosure until they burst at the top wherever they hit a bar in the grid.

They passed people, some swimming, some in other water vehicles. Most gave the man a friendly wave, and her a curious stare, their faces full of questions.

As if Sonora wouldn't have known by their size, none of them had a regulator, leaving no doubt that this was truly a city of people like him.

One man like him is quite enough, I'm not sure I can handle a whole city.

Sonora took a few deep breaths to calm herself. She reminded herself that they were breathing, probably using the small breathers the man had used. Her forgotten nervousness came back full force.

The man pulled to the base of the tallest tower. He stopped the bike and gestured for her to follow him. At first, she trailed behind him, but stopped. Her heart started beating faster.

She had nowhere to go but would not just give up and follow him in there like a lamb to the slaughter. Turning, she swam in the opposite direction. He was on her in an instant.

She pushed him with one hand. With her other hand, she went for his eyes. His mouth turned down. He easily grabbed one of her flailing hands in his and pulled her along. "Stop!"

He knows that shocks me into immobilization.

She wished that the water didn't resist her giving him a good, solid kick and had to content herself with whatever she could accomplish.

Which is nothing, Of course, I can't fight this guy at all. He's going to pull me along the whole ocean like a disobedient child.

Their struggle had become the neighbors' entertainment. Some showed amusement, others disgust before turning and walking away. No one seemed shocked. It made Sonora wonder if kidnapping happened regularly here. If anone would care enough to help her?

When Sonora and the man got past the light-blue outer wall of the building, he pulled her to the front of him and gave her a small push. She started to float upward, then broke the surface of the water.

Looking down, she saw that he was hanging back, she assumed to give her some space in the narrow tube.

He's so big he probably just about jams it up. She knew it was mean, but she didn't have any nice thoughts for him right now. She was in new territory now, and she was frightened to the core.

Raising her head, she scanned the area. It was a living space with a decidedly masculine living room that reminded her of a cross somewhere between Jules Verne and upper-class Titanic.

Assuming there was oxygen, she pushed off her mask and sat it on the floor, then spit out her regulator and took a small breath. Yes, it was oxygen. Shaking off her tank and vest, she hopped up onto the floor and dragged those up onto the floor too.

Crouched on the floor beside the water portal, she looked over the room. Two overstuffed chairs called to her tired body while her fingers itched to run over an antique inlaid wood desk. Floor to ceiling wooden shelves lined the panel walls on both sides of the huge desk, haphazardly organized with books and mementos that she was curious to explore.

An iron chandelier hung over an equally antique dining room table and chairs that she could see sitting past two marble columns. Everything was beautifully aged, and even her inexperienced eye knew that each piece would be worth thousands of dollars in her hometown.

She was so fascinated by the room before her, that she didn't see him coming until his head broke the water's surface. Sonora scrambled backward, the wet tiled floor working against her as she did so. 

It took him only a second to hoist himself up onto the floor.

A/N: A little bit about where our 'man' is from. I'm not usually into this much detail, hopefully, it didn't get boring. But I wanted to give it some description since it is not a normal setting. I hope you enjoyed it. :)

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