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Jaden's pov

I sat there,studying myself in the mirror of the girls bathroom,the lights were dim and it flooded from moaning mrytle. I sighed and left,it was now the big break were most kids to back to there families for spring break. Draco had to go because his parents forced him,Avry was gone and Ron and Hermione were too,it was just me and my brother. And a few other kids. I sat in the eating place,I was the only Slytherin sitting and here at the moment,Harry was staring at me from the Gryffindor table,Andrew stared at me too,his emotions were blank,Harry had sorrow and hatred in in his gaze.

''Hey.''A deep voice spoke from beside me and I glanced over in shock to see a man with dark hair,his breath stank of cigarettes and he smelled like smoke and cologne.

''Hi..''My voice stayed at a weak whisper,barely even a whisper.

''I'm Hayden,Hayden Black.''He greeted me,not holding his hand out which I didn't care.

''Jaden Potter.''I muttered,rubbing my tired eyes.

''You look to beautiful to be alone,wheres your friends?''His face formed a frown.

''Break. Family.''I spoke softly.

''Mm. I see. Your a?''He asked.

''5th year.''I spat out.

''I'm a 6th.''He grinned slightly and I nodded and got up,putting my books in my bag and turned to leave.


I froze completely,turning to see Hayden beside two other males and a few girls.

''W-What?''I stuttered,Harry's attention seemed to crawl over to me.

''YOU GONNA GO CRY ABOUT YOUR DEAD FRIENDS OR YOUR GHOSTS?''Someone yelled,seemed to be a lady with black hair and piercing blue eyes.

I felt myself crying and ran off,I wasn't going to let anybody see me cry.

I locked myself in a bathroom stall and sank to the ground,burying my head in my knees and cried quietly.

Draco's pov

I sat in my room,staring at my ceiling as I layed in bed. My mind went into different places.

I miss Jaden.

Is she okay?

If I send her a owl--

What if she got hurt?

Or in trouble?

What if Potter hurt her?

What about Pansy o-or--HAYDEN!

That fucking idiot would break her knowing that I'm gone.

I've known him since I was five. FIVE!

I snatched my phone,dialing a phone number


''We need to go back. You need to come over. Please.''My voice was shaken.

''Why Bro? I'm --'Blaise spoke.

''Please.''I gulped.

There was a long pause.

''Fine.''He choked out and I hung up,packing my stuff as I grabbed my bags and carried them downstairs.

''Where do you think you're going Draco?''I paused and glanced back at my parents.

''Hogwarts. ''I crossed my arms,my bags slamming against the ground made my house elf,Serpent winced.

''No you're not. I said that Hogwarts isn't safe for you. Those two idiotic potters are going to die by the guy I hired,Hayden Black. Break up with her and let him do his damn job,Draco.''My father growled as my adopted sister,Anna,peeked around the corner,her eyes pierced with tears.

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