Chapter One - Precious

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Hate. I hate... people.

Yeah, yeah hate is a strong word.

But I don't care.

I've been hated all my life.

I've been called stupid, ugly, horrendous, not worth it, wasted space, almost every negative word.

People don't know my story.

They don't want to know my story.

They just want to tease me for my face.

They just see the outside of me.

Heh. It's funny.

I used to be so beautiful. So pretty. So sexy.

You probably already hate me. Don't deny it. You want your main character to be smoking hot but calls themselves "average". That's what you're used to. It's always the villain that's ugly. The one that you hate is supposed to be ugly. Right? Don't try to act all high and mighty. Like you don't do it. I was subject to it. I used to do it. I can't anymore.


I'm ugly now.

I understand now.

I'm bullied.

I'm teased.

I'm neglected.

My parents don't recognize it. At least they pretend like they don't. They tell me I'm beautiful no matter what. They say my personality is all that matters. Deep down they know I'm ugly. Deep down, they hate my face. If I asked for reconstructive surgery, they'd be ecstatic. They'd say it doesn't matter to them but they know it will. They know it.

Besides my face, I'm the average teenager. I go to school, I listen to music, I complain about homework, I hate my teachers (not all), I'm average at grades. Yes, you heard me.


Oh? You thought because I'm ugly I'd have brains to make up for it? Some special superpower.


Dead wrong.

And of course, at school, there's the populars, because what school doesn't have them? Tell me and I'll transfer at the speed of light.

And of course, you already know that I'm not one of them.

How could I be?

At least your cliche assumption was right this time.

Ah, cliche. My story is quite the opposite so listen up.


I woke up as always. I groaned and checked the time. 6:34. I sprung up and out of bed and into my bathroom which was adjacent to my room.

I slipped off my cupcake pajamas and into the shower.

After my hot shower, which felt AMAZING btw, I threw on an oversized grammy sweater and some mom jeans, grabbed my backpack and left.

Now you may be saying, "At least try to look good!"

Honestly, I think it's cringy. It wouldn't make a difference anyway.

School was same old, same old almost. No one paid attention to me for most of the day. That made me extremely happy. I didn't have to deal with teasing.

Then the infamous time of socialization came around.

Lunch. Even saying that makes me shutter. It's where all the cheery friends, disgusting populars and so on and so forth talked and gossiped or whatever they do. I wouldn't really know.

I sat by the garbage tin. I felt happy today so I didn't eat in a bathroom stall.

Everything was fine.

Everything was good.

Until this happened.

"Hello precious."




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