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So I feel better kinda and I need some positivity but I need to do it myself so here are some plans for high school. I'm not gonna rant about how I feel insecure this time

I want to learn how to play bass and ukulele

I want to talk to people when I get to high school

I want to interact with them and any lest not be so distant

I want to make subtle cosplays and stuff

I want to dress like Ryan in that photo in which he has a Reinvent Love jacket for the 11 year anniversary of Pretty. Odd. I want to dress Revenge era aesthetic for March 22nd and the next year Black Prade aesthetic and so in because 4 years - 4 albums (shhhhh about bullets era). I want to cosplay Remington for his birthday and as Emerson for his and the same for Sebastian and you get the idea. And idk for FOB because they don't have an aesthetic

Ok I'm rambling but yeah

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