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"So what you're proposing is a faux attack?" Victoria voice was surprised at the proposal Robb had just told her

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"So what you're proposing is a faux attack?" Victoria voice was surprised at the proposal Robb had just told her.

"Exactly," Lord Umber nodded. He has grown a bit more comfortable with the brunette since the first meeting and was one of the few who now actually acknowledged her whenever she came to the meetings, which was more often then not. "We send the men in, let the Lannisters think they've won and seize the real prize."

"Which would potentially be Jamie Lannisters army?" She finished off the rest of the statement as her eyes looked over the war map. "And let 2000 men die for nothing?"

"For an advantage, my Lady," Ser Roderick intervened.

"They won't know that will they now?" Victoria retorted and then when she noticed how See Marcos eyed her as if to calm herself she decided to breath a deep sigh. "Look, I'm not against the plan I just think if we are going to let men die, then they might as well just die for something more then an advantage."

"So what are you proposing." Robb added. "Should we kill the Lannister army and take Jamie as prisoner."

Victoria blinked at him as the idea blossomed in her thoughts and then seemed to transfer over to Robb who's scowl began to morph in triumph. The Lords around them slowly began to belt out a low laugh as the Lady's grin was showcased.

"Take Jamie Lannister, and we parade him around Westeros like the majestic Lion he is." Victoria bellowed and the Lords quickly agreed with a cheer.


"Would you like to pray?" Catelyn Stark sat in the tent with Victoria Valiente, both holding hands as the silence clung to their tent. They were in the war tent alongside their maids and knights, both too jittery to sit still and equally worried to talk.

"I'm afraid praying won't stop me from paranoia, my lady," Victoria spoke back softly, squeezing the Northern Lady's hand and standing. She began to pace as her stomach revolted and continued to drop. Pregnancy and war did not mix well, especially when the leader was the father of your child. Her hand pressed against her stomach as she did her best to ignore the feeling and Elaine stood a little straighter in her seat as if ready to jump into action.

"You're looking quite pale, my sweetling. Are you feeling ill?" Catelyn stood and began to approach the brunette who suddenly felt her stomach worsen and she turned towards the exit.

"I think I'll take some air." Victoria spoke and walked out with a quickness that left only Elaine to follow her.

She managed to make it past the crowds and towards the edge of the forrest in which she vomited the contents of her first meal. She threw up until her stomach could no longer heave anything else and then happily grasped the cloth that Elaine handed her, sliding against another tree with long sighs.

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