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Hello readers, this is a paper that I wrote for my mythology college class. I had to create a hero's journey and basically make my own myth. I want your opinions. Please comment on things you like and things you don't. Please try and keep an open mind about things and try to be polite. 

It's also important for you to know that there will be two different books with this same kind of story. Some of you may recognize the Aphrodite Twins from my series Little Red, Little Red. I took those characters for inspiration for my paper for my class, and this isn't their story. But I will be doing a book that follows the exact characters in the series. 

Some of it will be in the first person, and some of it will be in third. 



Hi, my name is Aphroditus, but I go by Adonis because I literally hate my name. I've never liked it. My mother Penelope is into the whole Greek Mythology nonsense and thought she was smart by naming me that; and since I was the only child, she could only experiment on me. Well, it turns out I grew to be this beautiful boy with platinum blonde hair and abnormally perfect eyebrows, and people made fun of me because of my breathtaking beauty, and it didn't help that I'm named after the goddess Aphrodite. Some people say that beauty is a blessing, but from where I stand, it's more of a curse.

Life wasn't that great growing up in a small town for a little gay boy, but I had it better than most people. We were never poor, my mother and I. We had endless amounts of money and when I was younger I never understand how because she was a single mom and never had a job, but now I know she was getting the riches from the goddess herself. I went to a community college to "stay humble", my mother worded. I was part of the small and ever-so shrinking Fashion program, and now I'm attending Parsons, a New York Fashion University to get a Masters in the same field. Everything was going great until I met her. Then everything changed. Now I'm going on a life-threatening adventure to save the world from an eternity of loveless suffering, and no one knows about it besides me, my roommate Eric; who allegedly is the son of the Greek god, Eros, and two strangers. Who are these strangers? Well, one is my twin sister. The other is a boy named Tyler, the supposed son of a Greek goddess, Tyche, goddess of good luck and fortune. I know, I know, that sounds like a whole bunch of nonsense, how could I not know I had a twin sister and how on earth could there be offspring of Greek gods? Well, I do, and I really didn't know. There are also children of Greek gods and goddesses.

There is this group of... Beings. They're -or should I say we're- Demigods. No, not Demi Lovato. Demigods. What are Demigods? Good question, I'm still trying to figure it out myself. But apparently, they're-we're half god, half mortal.

I know all this seems unbelievable but trust me. It's real, and it's really scary. I understand if you don't believe me, and that's okay if you don't. But for those that do? I'm here to tell you my story. So please, kick back, relax, and read with an open mind. Because this is about to get real and if I didn't experience it first hand, I wouldn't believe it myself either.

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