Chapter 29

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Pov will be shifting between Kyle and Anders, so keep an eye out for that. And some torture in this one as well.

Kyles pov

I hear the whoosh and the snapping sound, then the whip hits the exposed skin on my back, I manage to keep myself from screaming as excruciating pain slices through me. The whip tears right through my skin and I feel the blood trickle down my back, but the man is not done. Again and again, he puls his arm back and lets the whip hit my skin, cold sweats break out all over my body and I shake trying to keep myself up and not let the bindings on my hands slice me, I'm starting to fear that they might take my hands clean off if I jerk my arms. I lose count at 20 and I know my back, ass, and thighs must look like minced meat. My capturer is panting from the excursion and finally stops, he steps in front of me and smiles at me. His face is covered in my blood and the whip hanging by his side has pieces of my flesh dangling off of it. "Well, that was fun, wasn't it honey?" Honey? Now, that's creepy.

"Think I need to give you a break, well from bleeding at least. How about we try this beauty?" He walks over to the table and grabs the car battery.

"Sir, there's someone here to see you," another hunter enters the room and my new friend throws a smile my way as he puts down the battery and leaves the room. The second hunter takes a look at me and smirks, "Having a good time monster? Kane is the best there is at prolonging death, I know he's gonna enjoy you before he lets you die, I'm just hoping he's gonna let the rest of us join in from time to time. I'm Seth by the way, I'm sure we are going to get to know each other very well." Then he leaves the room slamming the door shut with a loud bang. I hate to be negative but that doesn't sound like something I might enjoy.

I have no idea how long it takes before the hunter, whose name I now know is Kane, walks back into the room. "I'm sorry honey, I was sidetracked by the so-called leader of the rogues, he was starting to get a little too demanding, I just love killing rogues, it gives me an extra spring to my step." This man has the creepiest smile I have ever seen, "Now, I was told once, that for you freaks touching your mate feels like an electric current, so this little exercise should bring fond memories to you." He walks back to the table and picks up the battery and cables, walking over to me he clips the cables onto my sides so they dig into my skin. Then he turns the battery on, and pain the hits me. The electricity paralyzes my entire body and I cant move at all, it makes my body go rigid and shake, my jaw clamps down so hard I feel like my teeth will shatter under the pressure. It lasts maybe 10 seconds before he turns it off, "I don't want to risk giving you permanent brain damage. But don't worry, I have practice doing this and I haven't accidentally killed anyone for years."

"What about that wolf cub we played with last week boss?" The same guy from earlier walks into the room, "Don't mind me, I'm just here to watch."

"That wasn't an accident, that kid was way too loud, it just got annoying after a while," the bastard actually laughs.

And his buddy is equally sick, "Yeah, but those screams were kinda nice, I'm gonna be jerking off for weeks thinking about them." Okay, scratch that, this guy isn't sick, he's a complete psychopath.

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