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It got late that day, and as I was walking towards my home, I saw the sun set

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It got late that day, and as I was walking towards my home, I saw the sun set. It was past 5:30 pm, and I swear, I had never seen anything so beautiful.

Beautiful. God, that word! How perfectly illusioned I was that everything and anything that made me happy, must be beautiful. But, do you know what's actually beautiful?

When a person has seen you at your worst, and still chose to smile through every trouble of yours with you, that's beautiful. When you gift someone with something and instead of saying something as bland as "thank you", she merely smiles and hugs you with eyes closed, that's beautiful.

When a person looks right in your eyes and says, "You make me better" with honesty pouring out of her eyes, that's beautiful. When a random person, through a few conversations and just a mutual interest, becomes as close as someone whom you can irritate the hell out of, that's beautiful.

When a person who you thought would hardly get your weird fetishes, understands you the best, that's beautiful. And trust me, with all these that I have encountered till date, I have known beautiful, up close.

As I almost reached home, it got dark. The moon had come up. It glowed more beautifully than ever. But only this time, I knew I had seen things which held more beauty than it did.

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